Publisher: Lankhor

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LankhorAlcantorAtari ST1991
LankhorBlack SectAtari ST1993
LankhorBlack SectCommodore Amiga1994I4
LankhorElementalAtari ST1988
LankhorKill DozersAtari ST1988
LankhorLandsitz von Mortville, Der (aka Mortville Manor)Commodore Amiga1988I4
LankhorLe Manoir de Mortville (aka Mortville Manor)Commodore Amiga1988I4
LankhorMaupiti IslandCommodore Amiga1991I4
LankhorMortville ManorCommodore Amiga1988I4
LankhorMortville ManorAtari ST19??
LankhorOutzoneCommodore Amiga1991I4
LankhorRody and MasticoCommodore Amiga1989I4
LankhorRody and Mastico 2Commodore Amiga1989I4
LankhorRody and Mastico 3Commodore Amiga1990I4
LankhorRody and Mastico 4: Rody NoelCommodore Amiga1991I4
LankhorRody and Mastico 5Commodore Amiga1991I4
LankhorRody and Mastico 6Commodore Amiga1991I4
LankhorVroomAtari ST1991

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