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Hessel Software6502 assembler packageCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareAlphabet ZooCommodore 64
Hessel SoftwareAlphabet ZooCommodore VIC-20I1
Hessel SoftwareDam bomberCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareGreat Britain LtdAcorn BBCI
Hessel SoftwareGreat Britain LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1982I
Hessel SoftwareGridrunnerCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareInheritanceAcorn BBCI
Hessel SoftwareMosquito InvasionCommodore VIC-201982
Hessel SoftwarePak BomberCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareSimonCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareTank TrapCommodore VIC-20I1
Hessel SoftwareTorgCommodore VIC-20
Hessel SoftwareWorld Travel GameAcorn BBCI

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