Publisher: Halsoft

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HalsoftAdventures of LoloNintendo NES1989I4
HalsoftAdventures of Lolo 2Nintendo NES1990I5
HalsoftAdventures of Lolo 3Nintendo NES1991I5
HalsoftAir FortressNintendo NES1989I5
HalsoftDay Dreamin' DaveyNintendo NES1992I
HalsoftDefender IINintendo NES1988I2
HalsoftJet Set Willy: In SpaceSinclair ZX Spectrum1997I
HalsoftJet Set Willy: Join the Jet-SetSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I
HalsoftJoustNintendo NES1988I2
HalsoftKabuki Quantum FighterNintendo NES1991I2V
HalsoftMillipedeNintendo NES1988I
HalsoftRollerballNintendo NES1990I
HalsoftVegas DreamNintendo NES1990I

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