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Publisher: Gremlin Graphics

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Gremlin Graphics16 Bit Hit Machine, TheCommodore Amiga1991-I4---
Gremlin Graphics3D GalaxCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A-
Gremlin Graphics3D GalaxAtari ST1989--5-A-
Gremlin Graphics4 Wheel DriveCommodore Amiga1992-I4--1
Gremlin GraphicsAction AmigaCommodore Amiga1989-I4-A-
Gremlin GraphicsActua Soccer 2Sony Playstation1997-I-A2
Gremlin GraphicsActua Soccer 3Sony Playstation1998---A-
Gremlin GraphicsActua Soccer Club EditionSony Playstation1997---A-
Gremlin GraphicsAlien EvolutionSinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI-A-
Gremlin GraphicsAlien Evolution [128K version]Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI2VA1
Gremlin GraphicsAlternative World GamesAmstrad CPC1987mI4---
Gremlin GraphicsAlternative World GamesCommodore 641987mI2-A-
Gremlin GraphicsAlternative World GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1--1
Gremlin GraphicsArturaAmstrad CPCmI-A-
Gremlin GraphicsArturaSinclair ZX Spectrum1989DI1-A-
Gremlin GraphicsArturaAtari ST1988-I1VA-
Gremlin GraphicsArturaSinclair ZX Spectrum1989DI5-A1
Gremlin GraphicsArturaCommodore Amiga1988-I5---
Gremlin GraphicsAuf Wiedersehen MontySinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI5VA1
Gremlin GraphicsAuf Wiedersehen MontyCommodore 641987mI5VA1
Gremlin GraphicsAuf Wiedersehen MontyAmstrad CPC1987mI5-A-
Gremlin GraphicsAvengerSinclair ZX Spectrum1982DI1VA-
Gremlin GraphicsAvengerCommodore 641987mI3VA-
Gremlin GraphicsAvengerSinclair ZX Spectrum1986DI4-A2
Gremlin GraphicsAvengerAmstrad CPC1986mI2VA-
Gremlin GraphicsAxel's Magic HammerCommodore Amiga1990-I5-A1
Gremlin GraphicsAxel's Magic HammerAtari ST1989--3-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBasil the Great Mouse DetectiveCommodore 641988mI3-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBasil the Great Mouse DetectiveSinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1VA1
Gremlin GraphicsBasil the Great Mouse DetectiveAmstrad CPC1987mI5-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBest of Gremlin, TheCommodore Amiga1995-I4---
Gremlin GraphicsBlood BrothersSinclair ZX Spectrum1988DI1-A1
Gremlin GraphicsBlood BrothersAmstrad CPC1988mI4-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlood Brothers part 1Sinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI1-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlood Brothers part 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI1-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlood Brothers part 3Sinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI1-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlood ValleyAmstrad CPC1987mI5-A-
Gremlin GraphicsBlood ValleySinclair ZX Spectrum1991mI2-A1
Gremlin GraphicsBlue Angels Formation Flight SimulationCommodore Amiga1989-I5---
Gremlin GraphicsBoings (Bounder)Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI1---
Gremlin GraphicsBounderAmstrad CPC1986mI5VA-
Gremlin GraphicsBounderCommodore 641985mI5VA1
Gremlin GraphicsBounderSinclair ZX Spectrum1986DI3VA1
Gremlin GraphicsBSS Jane Seymour: Federation Quest 1Atari ST1990---A-
Gremlin GraphicsBSS Jane Seymour: Federation Quest 1IBM PC1990---A-
Gremlin GraphicsBSS Jane Seymour: Federation Quest 1Commodore Amiga1990-I5-A1
Gremlin GraphicsBulldogCommodore 641987mI1-A-
Gremlin GraphicsButcher HillAtari ST1989---A-
Gremlin GraphicsButcher HillSinclair ZX Spectrum1988DI-A-
Gremlin GraphicsButcher HillAmstrad CPCmI-A-

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