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EA Sports007: Agent Under FireXbox 2002I5V
EA Sports007: Everything or NothingXbox 2004I3V
EA Sports007: From Russia with LoveXbox 2005I5V
EA Sports007: NightFireXbox 2002I5V
EA Sports2002 FIFA World CupXbox 2002I5V
EA Sports2002 FIFA World CupNintendo GameCube2002I5
EA Sports2006 FIFA World CupNintendo GameCube2006I5
EA SportsAliens vs Predator: ExtinctionXbox 2003I5V
EA SportsArena FootballXbox 2006I
EA SportsAustralian Rugby LeagueSega Mega Drive19942
EA SportsBattlefield 2: Modern CombatXbox 2005I5
EA SportsBill Walsh College FootballSega Mega Drive19932
EA SportsBill Walsh College Football 95Sega Mega Drive1994
EA SportsBionicle: The GameXbox 2003I5
EA SportsBlackXbox 2006I5
EA SportsBulls versus Blazers and the NBA PlayoffsNintendo SNES1992
EA SportsCel DamageXbox 2001I5
EA SportsCoach K College BasketballSega Mega Drive1995I2
EA SportsCollege Football USA '97: The Road to New OrleansNintendo SNES1996
EA SportsCollege Football USA 96Sega Mega Drive19952
EA SportsCollege Football USA 97: The Road To New OrleansSega Mega Drive19962
EA SportsCricket 2005Xbox 2005I5
EA SportsCrusader: No RemorseSony Playstation1997
EA SportsCyberTigerSony Playstation1999 I
EA SportsDarkstoneSony Playstation2001 I
EA SportsElitserien 95 SWSega Mega Drive1994
EA SportsElitserien 96 SWSega Mega Drive1995
EA SportsF1 2000Nintendo Game Boy Color2000I
EA SportsF1 2001Xbox 2001I
EA SportsF1 2002Nintendo GameCube2002
EA SportsF1 2002[EU]Xbox 2002I
EA SportsF1 Career Challenge[EU]Xbox 2003I
EA SportsFIFA 97: Gold EditionNintendo SNES1996
EA SportsFIFA 98: Road to World CupSega Mega Drive1997
EA SportsFIFA 98: Road to World CupNintendo SNES1997
EA SportsFIFA International SoccerNintendo SNES1994
EA SportsFIFA Soccer '96Nintendo SNES1995
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 06Xbox 2005I5
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 07Xbox 2006I5
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 2003Xbox 2002I5
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 2004Xbox 2003I5
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 2005Xbox 2004I5
EA SportsFIFA Soccer 96Sega Game Gear1995I2
EA SportsFIFA StreetXbox 2005I
EA SportsFIFA Street 2Xbox 2006I
EA SportsFIFA World Cup: Germany 2006Xbox 2006I
EA SportsFight Night 2004Xbox 2004I
EA SportsFight Night Round 2Xbox 2005I
EA SportsFight Night Round 2Nintendo GameCube2005
EA SportsFight Night: Round 3Xbox 2006I

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