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Publisher: Dinamic Software

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Dinamic SoftwareAbu Simbel ProfanationAmstrad CPCmI2-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAbu Simbel ProfanationSinclair ZX Spectrum1987DI2-A3
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the WarCommodore 641989mI1---
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the WarAmstrad CPCmI5-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the WarCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the WarAtari ST19??-I-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the WarSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI2-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAfter the War 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI3-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAli BebeSinclair ZX Spectrum1985mI2VA-
Dinamic SoftwareArkosSinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareArkos part 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareArkos part 3Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesSinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI5VA-
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesCommodore Amiga1987-I5VA-
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesAtari ST1988-I3VA-
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesAmstrad CPC1986mI5VA-
Dinamic SoftwareArmy Moves 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1986mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAspar GP MasterCommodore 641988mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAspar GP MasterAmstrad CPCmI1V--
Dinamic SoftwareAspar GP MasterSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI2V--
Dinamic SoftwareAstro Marine CorpsAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareAstro Marine CorpsAtari ST1990-I-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAstro Marine CorpsCommodore 641990mI5-A1
Dinamic SoftwareAstro Marine CorpsSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI2-A-
Dinamic SoftwareAstro Marine CorpsCommodore Amiga1990-I4--1
Dinamic SoftwareBabalibaSinclair ZX Spectrum1985DI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareBasket MasterAmstrad CPC1987mI3-A-
Dinamic SoftwareBasket MasterSinclair ZX Spectrum1987DI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareBestial WarriorSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
Dinamic SoftwareBestial WarriorAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareBlackbeardSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
Dinamic SoftwareBlackbeardSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI---
Dinamic SoftwareBronxAmstrad CPCmI1---
Dinamic SoftwareBuggy RangerAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareBuggy RangerSinclair ZX Spectrum1991mI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareCamelot WarriorsAmstrad CPCmI1---
Dinamic SoftwareCapitan SevillaAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareCapitan SevillaSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareCapitan Trueno 2 ElSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareCapitan Trueno ElSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareCapitan Trueno ElAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareCavaliere di Re Artu IlSinclair ZX SpectrummI---
Dinamic SoftwareCid ElSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareCobras arcAmstrad CPCmI---
Dinamic SoftwareComando TracerSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI2-A-
Dinamic SoftwareComando TracerAmstrad CPCmI1---
Dinamic SoftwareCosmic SheriffAmstrad CPCmI1---
Dinamic SoftwareCosmic SheriffSinclair ZX Spectrum1989DI-A-
Dinamic SoftwareDelfoxSinclair ZX Spectrum1988mI1-A-
Dinamic SoftwareDon quijoteAmstrad CPCmI---

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