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Publisher: Coktel Vision

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Coktel Vision20,000 Leagues Under the SeaAtari ST1988-I3-A-
Coktel Vision20000 lieues sous les mersAmstrad CPCmI1---
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de la terreAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de la vieAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionA la decouverte de lhommeAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionA.G.E. (Advanced Galactic Empire)Commodore Amiga1991-I4-A1
Coktel VisionAbracadabraCommodore Amiga1991-I5-A-
Coktel VisionAfrican RaidersCommodore Amiga1989-I5-A1
Coktel VisionAsterixAtari ST1987-I5-A-
Coktel VisionAsterix and the Magic CarpetCommodore Amiga1987-I4---
Coktel VisionAsterix chez rahazadeAmstrad CPCmI1---
Coktel VisionAsterix Chez Rahazade (aka Asterix And The Magic Carpet)Commodore Amiga1987-I4---
Coktel VisionAsterix et la potion magiqueAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionAsterix im Morgenland (aka Asterix And The Magic Carpet)Commodore Amiga1987-I4---
Coktel VisionAsterix in Operation GetafixAtari ST1989--VA-
Coktel VisionAsterix: Le Coup Du Menhir (aka Asterix: Operation Getafix)Commodore Amiga1989-I4---
Coktel VisionAsterix: Operation GetafixCommodore Amiga1989-I4--1
Coktel VisionAsterix: Operation Hinkelstein (aka Asterix: Operation Getafix)Commodore Amiga1989-I4---
Coktel VisionAu nom de lhermineAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionBaba YagaCommodore Amiga1991-I4---
Coktel VisionBalade a cologneAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionBalade au pays de big-benAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionBargon AttackCommodore Amiga1992-I4---
Coktel VisionBlueberryAmstrad CPCmI1---
Coktel VisionCap HornAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionCap sur dakarAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionCarte deuropeAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionCompilactionAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionDakar 4x4Amstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionDakar MotoAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionDefi au tarotAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionDon quichotteAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionDrole D'ecole (q.v. Fun School 4 (5-7 year old))Commodore Amiga1992-I4---
Coktel VisionDuel 2000Amstrad CPCmI1---
Coktel VisionEmmanuelleCommodore Amiga1989-I4---
Coktel VisionEnigme a oxfordAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionFantome CityAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionFascinationCommodore Amiga1991-I5-A2
Coktel VisionFreedomAmstrad CPCmI---
Coktel VisionFreedomAtari ST1988---A-
Coktel VisionFreedom: Rebels in the DarknessCommodore Amiga1988-I4---
Coktel VisionFun School 4 (5-7 year old)Commodore Amiga1991-I4---
Coktel VisionGeishaCommodore Amiga1990-I4---
Coktel VisionGeishaAtari ST1990---A-
Coktel VisionGobliiinsCommodore Amiga1992-I5--1
Coktel VisionGobliiinsAtari ST1992---A-
Coktel VisionGobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonAtari ST1992-I-A-
Coktel VisionGobliins 2: The Prince BuffoonCommodore Amiga1993-I5-A1
Coktel VisionGoblins 3Commodore Amiga1994-I5VA2
Coktel VisionImperialisAmstrad CPCmI---

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