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Capcom1942Nintendo NES1986I5
Capcom1942Nintendo Game Boy Color2000I5
Capcom1943: The Battle of MidwayNintendo NES1988I2
CapcomAuto ModellistaNintendo GameCube2003I
CapcomAuto ModellistaXbox 2004I5V
CapcomBeat Down: Fists of VengeanceXbox 2005I5
CapcomBionic CommandoNintendo NES1988I5V
CapcomBionic CommandoCommodore Amiga1988I4
CapcomBreath of Fire IINintendo SNES1995
CapcomCadillacs and DinosaursCommodore Amiga1992I4
CapcomCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 1Xbox 2005I
CapcomCapcom Classics Collection Vol. 2Xbox 2006I
CapcomCapcom Fighting EvolutionXbox 2005I5
CapcomCapcom VS SNK: ProSony Playstation2002 I
CapcomCapcom vs. SNK 2 EONintendo GameCube2002I
CapcomCapcom vs. SNK 2 EOXbox 2003I
CapcomCapcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92Nintendo NES1992I
CapcomCapcom's MVP FootballNintendo SNES1992
CapcomCapcom's Soccer ShootoutNintendo SNES1994
CapcomCaptain CommandoNintendo SNES1995
CapcomChip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersNintendo NES1990I
CapcomChip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 2Nintendo NES1994I
CapcomCode Name: ViperNintendo NES1990I
CapcomCommandoNintendo NES1986I5V
CapcomDarkwatchXbox 2005I
CapcomDarkwing DuckNintendo NES1992I2
CapcomDemon's CrestNintendo SNES1994
CapcomDestiny of an EmperorNintendo NES1990I2
CapcomDino Crisis 3Xbox 2003I
CapcomDisney Adventures in the Magic KingdomNintendo NES1990I5
CapcomDisney's AladdinNintendo SNES1994
CapcomDisney's BonkersNintendo SNES1994
CapcomDisney's Goof TroopNintendo SNES1993
CapcomDisney's Hide and SneakNintendo GameCube2003
CapcomDragons LairNintendo Game Boy Color2001I
CapcomDuckTalesNintendo NES1989I2
CapcomDuckTales 2Nintendo NES1993I2
CapcomFinal FightNintendo SNES1991
CapcomFinal Fight 2Nintendo SNES1993
CapcomFinal Fight 3Nintendo SNES1995
CapcomFinal Fight GuyNintendo SNES1992
CapcomFinal Fight: StreetwiseXbox 2006I
CapcomFox HuntSony Playstation
CapcomG.I. Joe: The Atlantis FactorNintendo NES1992I2
CapcomGargoyle's Quest IINintendo NES1992I
CapcomGenma OnimushaXbox 2002I
CapcomGhosts'n GoblinsNintendo NES1986I5
CapcomGotcha ForceNintendo GameCube2003I
CapcomGringosCommodore 641986I1
CapcomGroup S ChallengeXbox 2003I

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