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Author: The Oliver Twins

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Codemasters Ltd3D StarfighterAmstrad CPC1987mI3-A-
Codemasters Ltd3D StarfighterSinclair ZX Spectrum1987-I-A-
Codemasters LtdAdvanced Fruit Machine SimulatorAtari ST1991-I5-A-
Codemasters LtdAdvanced Pinball SimulatorAmstrad CPC1988mI2-A1
Codemasters LtdBMX Simulator 2Amstrad CPC1988mI5-A-
Bubble DizzyAtari ST1993---A-
Codemasters LtdChampionship Jet Ski SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1989mI1-A1
Crystal Kingdom DizzyAtari ST1993---A-
Codemasters LtdDizzy 2: Treasure Island DizzySinclair ZX Spectrum1988DI4-A-
Codemasters LtdDizzy 3: Fantasy World DizzyAtari ST1992---A-
Codemasters LtdDizzy 3: Fantasy World DizzyAmstrad CPC1989mI4-A-
Codemasters LtdDizzy 4: Magicland DizzyAtari ST1991---A-
Codemasters LtdDizzy : The Ultimate Cartoon AdventureCommodore 641988DI4-A2
Codemasters LtdDizzy : The Ultimate Cartoon AdventureAmstrad CPC1988mI5-A-
Dizzy Down the RapidsAtari ST1991---A-
Dizzy Prince of the YolkfolkCommodore Amiga1992---A-
Dizzy Prince of the YolkfolkAtari ST1992---A-
Fast FoodAtari ST1987---A-
Codemasters LtdFirehawkCommodore Amiga1993-I5-A1
FirehawkAtari ST1993---A-
Activision IncGhostbusters 2Atari ST1989---A-
Activision IncGhostbusters 2Amstrad CPC1989mI5-A-
Activision IncGhostbusters 2IBM PC1989DI5-A1
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix SimulatorAmstrad CPC1987mI4-A-
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix Simulator 2Commodore 641988DI4-A-
Jet Bike SimulatorAtari ST1988---A-
Kwik SnaxAtari ST1992---A-
Codemasters LtdOperation GunshipAmstrad CPC1989mI1-A-
Pro BMX SimulatorAtari ST1988---A-
Professional Ski SimulatorAtari ST1986---A-
Codemasters LtdRace Against Time, The (Sport Aid 88)Amstrad CPC1988mI-A-
Robin Hood - Legend QuestAtari ST1992---A-
Spellbound DizzyAtari ST1992---A-
Codemasters LtdSuper Grand PrixAtari ST1986---A-
Super Robin HoodAtari ST1990---A-
Codemasters LtdSuper Robin HoodAmstrad CPC1985-I5-A1
The Fantastic Adventures of DizzyAtari ST1991---A-
Treasure Island DizzyAtari ST1989---A-

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