Author: Steve Cain

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Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesAtari ST1988I3
Imagine Software LtdBC BillCommodore 641984I3
Imagine Software LtdBC BillSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
Ocean Software LtdCobraSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I3
Imagine Software LtdCosmic CruiserDragon 321984
Imagine Software LtdCosmic CruiserSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I1
Ocean Software LtdCosmic WartoadSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I3
Ocean Software LtdDonkey KongCommodore 641986I2
Ocean Software LtdGift From the GodsSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I4
Imagine Software LtdHighlanderCommodore 641986I5
Ocean Software LtdHighlanderAmstrad CPC1986I4
Microprose Software LtdKnights of the SkyAtari ST1992I
Ocean Software LtdNeverending Story, TheCommodore 641985I
Microprose Software LtdSilent Service 2Commodore Amiga1991I5
Ocean Software LtdTotal RecallAtari ST19914
Ocean Software LtdWhere Time Stood StillAtari ST19884

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