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Author: Square

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Acclaim Entertainment3-D WorldRunnerNintendo NES1987-I4-A1
SquareSoftBrave Fencer MusashiSony Playstation1998-I-A-
SonyBushido BladeSony Playstation1998 -I-A-
Chocobo RacingSony Playstation1999 ---A-
SquareSoftChrono CrossSony Playstation1999-I5-A1
SquareSoftChrono TriggerNintendo SNES1995-I5-A1
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingSony Playstation2000 ---A-
Square EnixEinhänderSony Playstation1997-I5-A1
NintendoFinal FantasyNintendo NES1990-I5-A1
Square EnixFinal Fantasy AdventureNintendo Game Boy1991-I5-A1
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy AnthologySony Playstation1999-I5-A1
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy ChroniclesSony Playstation2001-I5-A1
NintendoFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesNintendo GameCube2003-I-A-
Square EnixFinal Fantasy IINintendo SNES1991---A1
Final Fantasy IIINintendo SNES1994---A-
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy IXSony Playstation2000-I5-A1
Square EnixFinal Fantasy Legend, TheNintendo Game Boy1990-I5-A1
Final Fantasy Mystic QuestNintendo SNES1992---A-
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy OriginsSony Playstation2003-I5-A1
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy TacticsSony Playstation1997-I5-A1
Square EnixFinal Fantasy VISony Playstation1999-I5-A1
SonyFinal Fantasy VIISony Playstation1997-I5-A2
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy VIIISony Playstation1999-I5-A1
SquareSoftFront Mission 1st (Japan only)Sony Playstation2003 ---A-
SquareSoftFront Mission 2 (Japan only)Sony Playstation1997 ---A-
Front Mission 3Sony Playstation---A-
SquareSoftFront Mission: Alternative (Japan only)Sony Playstation2003 ---A-
SquareSoftHai-Shin 2Sony Playstation1998 ---A-
Legend of ManaSony Playstation---A-
Square EnixParasite EveSony Playstation1998-I5-A1
SquareSoftRacing LagoonSony Playstation1999 ---A-
Secret of EvermoreNintendo SNES1995---A-
SquareSoftSecret of ManaNintendo SNES1993-I5-A1
NintendoSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsNintendo SNES1996-I5-A1
SquareSoftThreads of FateSony Playstation-I-A-
Crave EntertainmentVagrant StorySony Playstation2000-I5-A2
Square EnixXenogearsSony Playstation1998-I5-A2

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