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Acclaim Entertainment3-D WorldRunnerNintendo NES1987I4
SquareSoftBrave Fencer MusashiSony Playstation1998I
SonyBushido BladeSony Playstation1998 I
Chocobo RacingSony Playstation1999
SquareSoftChrono CrossSony Playstation1999I5
SquareSoftChrono TriggerNintendo SNES1995I5
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingSony Playstation2000
Square EnixEinhänderSony Playstation1997I5
NintendoFinal FantasyNintendo NES1990I5
Square EnixFinal Fantasy AdventureNintendo Game Boy1991I5
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy AnthologySony Playstation1999I5
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy ChroniclesSony Playstation2001I5
NintendoFinal Fantasy Crystal ChroniclesNintendo GameCube2003I
Square EnixFinal Fantasy IINintendo SNES1991
Final Fantasy IIINintendo SNES1994
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy IXSony Playstation2000I5
Square EnixFinal Fantasy Legend, TheNintendo Game Boy1990I5
Final Fantasy Mystic QuestNintendo SNES1992
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy OriginsSony Playstation2003I5
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy TacticsSony Playstation1997I5
Square EnixFinal Fantasy VISony Playstation1999I5
SonyFinal Fantasy VIISony Playstation1997I5
SquareSoftFinal Fantasy VIIISony Playstation1999I5
SquareSoftFront Mission 1st (Japan only)Sony Playstation2003
SquareSoftFront Mission 2 (Japan only)Sony Playstation1997
Front Mission 3Sony Playstation
SquareSoftFront Mission: Alternative (Japan only)Sony Playstation2003
SquareSoftHai-Shin 2Sony Playstation1998
Legend of ManaSony Playstation
Square EnixParasite EveSony Playstation1998I5
SquareSoftRacing LagoonSony Playstation1999
Secret of EvermoreNintendo SNES1995
SquareSoftSecret of ManaNintendo SNES1993I5
NintendoSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsNintendo SNES1996I5
SquareSoftThreads of FateSony PlaystationI
Crave EntertainmentVagrant StorySony Playstation2000I5
Square EnixXenogearsSony Playstation1998I5

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