Author: Richard Stevenson

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Alternative Software LtdAftermathSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I1
Alternative Software LtdBangers & MashSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
Alternative Software LtdBMX NinjaSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Mastertronic LtdBomb FusionAmstrad CPC1989I3
BombfusionSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Hi-Tec Software LtdCricket CaptainSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
Alternative Software LtdDead or AliveSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
Alternative Software LtdDead or AliveCommodore 64I2
Alternative Software LtdDead or AliveAcorn Electron1988I3
Mastertronic LtdDie Alien SlimeAmstrad CPC1989I4
DollarsoftDottySinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
Alternative Software LtdDouble DareSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
DynamixSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I1
Alternative Software LtdEndzoneSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Alternative Software LtdFireman Sam: The Hero Next DoorSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I1
Alternative Software LtdHuxley PigSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
Alternative Software LtdKentucky RacingSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
Alligata Software LtdLocoSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1
Alternative Software LtdMetalyxSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
Alternative Software LtdPopeye 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
Alternative Software LtdPopeye 3Sinclair ZX Spectrum1992I
Mastertronic Added DimensionProtectorSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Alligata Software LtdPub GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I
Gremlin GraphicsRoccoAmstrad CPCI
Alternative Software LtdRugby BossSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Firebird Software LtdShorts FuseSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I3
Budgie Budget SoftwareSuper SamSinclair ZX Spectrum1985I
Alligata Software LtdTrapSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I1

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