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Namco90 Minutes European Prime GoalNintendo SNES1995
Flying EdgeAddams Family, TheSega Mega Drive1994I3
Ocean Software LtdAdidas Championship FootballAmstrad CPC1990I2
Ocean Software LtdBatmanAmstrad CPC1986I4
U.S. Gold LtdBeach HeadSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I5
Ocean Software LtdChase H.Q.Amstrad CPC1989I5
Ocean Software LtdCobraCommodore 641986I4
Ocean Software LtdCobraAmstrad CPC1987I5
Ocean Software LtdCombat SchoolCommodore 641988I5
Ocean Software LtdCombat SchoolAmstrad CPC1987I5
Ocean Software LtdDaley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeCommodore Amiga1988I5
Ocean Software LtdDennis the MenaceNintendo SNES1994
Ocean Software LtdHunchbackCommodore VIC-201984I3
Ocean Software LtdJurassic ParkNintendo SNES1993I4
Ocean Software LtdJurassic ParkNintendo NES1993I5
Ocean Software LtdJurassic ParkCommodore Amiga1993I4
Ocean Software LtdJurassic Park 2: The Chaos ContinuesNintendo SNES1994
Ocean Software LtdJurassic Park AGACommodore Amiga1993I4
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderCommodore 641986I5
Ocean Software LtdLethal WeaponCommodore 641991I1
Ocean Software LtdLethal WeaponNintendo SNES1992
Ocean Software LtdMr. NutzNintendo SNES1994
Ocean Software LtdNeverending Story, TheAmstrad CPC1985I5
Datasoft IncNeverending Story, TheAtari 8001986
Ocean Software LtdNeverending Story, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Your SinclairRoad RaceSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
Ocean Software LtdRoboCop 3Nintendo SNES1992
Ocean Software LtdThe Addams FamilyNintendo SNES1992
Ocean Software LtdThe Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntNintendo SNES1993
Ocean Software LtdThe Adventures of Mighty MaxNintendo SNES1995
Ocean Software LtdThe FlintstonesNintendo SNES1995
Ocean Software LtdUntouchablesNintendo SNES1994
Imagine Software LtdWorld Series BaseballAmstrad CPC1985I2
Imagine Software LtdWorld Series BaseballCommodore 6419852

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