Author: Martin Severn

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Players Premier SoftwareAnfractuosSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I2
Players Premier SoftwareBlob the CopSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Players Premier SoftwareCobra ForceSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Ocean Software LtdCool WorldAtari ST1992I2
Players Premier SoftwareDenizenSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I1
Players Premier SoftwareHawk StormSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
Players Premier SoftwareHollywood PokerSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareLost CavesSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Players Premier SoftwareMetal ArmySinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareRiding the RapidsSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
Players Premier SoftwareShanghai KarateSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareShanghai WarriorsSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I5
Players Premier SoftwareSharkSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I1
Players Premier SoftwareSkateboard Construction SystemSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareStreet Cred FootballSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Players Premier SoftwareSuper LeagueSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Players Premier SoftwareSword SlayerSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareTaniumSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I4
Players Premier SoftwareWeek in the life of the Thing!, ASinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Players Premier SoftwareXanthiusSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I5

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