Author: Lyndon Sharp

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Codemasters Ltd750cc Grand PrixSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I1
Codemasters LtdBubble DizzySinclair ZX Spectrum1991I5
Codemasters LtdCaptain DynamoSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I5
Codemasters LtdItalian SupercarSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I5
Codemasters LtdKwik SnaxSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
Codemasters LtdParis to DakarSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I
Codemasters LtdRally Cross SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
Codemasters LtdRobin Hood - Legend QuestSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I2
Codemasters LtdStreet Gang FootballSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
Codemasters LtdTiltSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
Codemasters LtdTwin Turbo V8Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989I
CrashZanthraxSinclair ZX Spectrum1989I1

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