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InfogramesAdvantage TennisCommodore Amiga1991I5
InfogramesAlone in the Dark 2IBM PC1994I5
InterplayAlone in the Dark: Jack Is BackSony Playstation1996
InterplayAlone in the Dark: One-Eyed Jack's RevengeSony Playstation1996
Darko & VladoAlone in the Dark: The New NightmareSony Playstation2001I
InfogramesAlpha WavesCommodore Amiga1990I4
InfogramesAsterixNintendo SNES1993I5
InfogramesAsterix & ObelixNintendo SNES1995
The EdgeBarble ExplorerSony Playstation2001
InfogramesChamonix ChallengeCommodore 641987I5
KemcoDragon ViewNintendo SNES1994
KemcoDrakkhenNintendo SNES1991
SEGAFantasia: Mickey Mouse MagicSega Mega Drive19912
Hogs of WarSony Playstation
InfogramesLooney Tunes RacingSony Playstation
InfogramesLoons: The Fight for FameXbox 2002I
InfogramesLucky LukeNintendo SNES1997
Ocean Software LtdMission: ImpossibleNintendo 641998I
Players Premier SoftwareOutlawSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
InfogramesPremier Manager 2000Sony Playstation2001
InfogramesSim CityAmstrad CPC1990I4
InfogramesSpirouNintendo SNES1995
InfogramesStarshot: Space Circus FeverNintendo 641999I
InfogramesTest Drive Off-Road 3Sony Playstation1999
InfogramesThe SmurfsNintendo SNES1994
InfogramesThe Smurfs Travel The WorldNintendo SNES1996
InfogramesTintin in TibetSega Mega Drive19962
InfogramesTintin in TibetNintendo SNES1995
SEGAToxic CrusadersSega Mega Drive19922
InfogramesUEFA ChallengeSony Playstation
InfogramesWorms ArmageddonNintendo 642000I

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