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Dinamic SoftwareAbu Simbel ProfanationSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I2
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesAtari ST1988I3
Dinamic SoftwareArmy MovesCommodore Amiga1987I5
Ariolasoft UK LtdCamelot WarriorsSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I1
Mastertronic LtdCid, ElSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I4
Mastertronic LtdCid, ElAmstrad CPC1988I4
Electronic ArtsJashin DraxosSega Mega Drive1992
Alucine SoftwarePro Tennis SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
Electronic ArtsRisky WoodsAtari ST1992
Electronic ArtsRisky WoodsCommodore Amiga1992I4
Gremlin GraphicsRockySinclair ZX Spectrum1985I1

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