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Capcom1943: The Battle of MidwayNintendo NES1988I2
CapcomAuto ModellistaNintendo GameCube2003I
CapcomAuto ModellistaXbox 2004I5
Breath of FireNintendo SNES1994
CapcomBreath of Fire IINintendo SNES1995
InfogramesBreath of Fire IIISony Playstation1998I5
Breath of Fire IVSony Playstation1996
CapcomCapcom Fighting EvolutionXbox 2005I5
Virgin GamesCapcom Generations (4 CDs with 13 classic games)Sony Playstation1998
CapcomCapcom VS SNK: ProSony Playstation2002 I
CapcomCapcom vs. SNK 2 EOXbox 2003I
CapcomCapcom vs. SNK 2 EONintendo GameCube2002I
CapcomCapcom's Soccer ShootoutNintendo SNES1994
CapcomCaptain CommandoNintendo SNES1995
SEGAChiki Chiki BoysSega Mega Drive19922
CapcomCommandoNintendo NES1986I5
Elite Systems LtdCommandoCommodore Amiga1989I5
SEGADaimakaimura JP/KRSega Mega Drive1989
DarkstalkersSony Playstation
CapcomDemon's CrestNintendo SNES1994
Virgin GamesDino CrisisSony Playstation1999I5
CapcomDino Crisis 3Xbox 2003I
CapcomDisney Adventures in the Magic KingdomNintendo NES1990I5
CapcomDisney's AladdinNintendo SNES1994
CapcomDisney's BonkersNintendo SNES1994
CapcomDisney's Goof TroopNintendo SNES1993
CapcomDisney's Hide and SneakNintendo GameCube2003
NintendoDisney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey MouseNintendo GameCube2002
CapcomFinal FightNintendo SNES1991
CapcomFinal Fight 2Nintendo SNES1993
CapcomFinal Fight 3Nintendo SNES1995
CapcomFinal Fight GuyNintendo SNES1992
SEGAForgotten WorldsSega Mega Drive19892
CapcomGenma OnimushaXbox 2002I
Elite Systems LtdGhosts 'n GoblinsCommodore 641986I5
CapcomGotcha ForceNintendo GameCube2003I
CapcomGroup S ChallengeXbox 2003I
CapcomKnights of the RoundNintendo SNES1994
CapcomLakemasters: Bass Fishing Game[JP]Xbox 2003I
CapcomMagic SwordNintendo SNES1992
CapcomMagical Tetris ChallengeNintendo 641999I
CapcomMarvel Super Heroes: War of the GemsNintendo SNES1996
CapcomMarvel vs. Capcom 2Sega Dreamcast 2003I5
CapcomMarvel vs. Capcom 2Xbox 2003I
CapcomMega ManNintendo NES1987I5
CapcomMega Man 2Nintendo NES1989I5
CapcomMega Man 3Nintendo NES1990I5
CapcomMega Man 7Nintendo SNES1995
CapcomMega Man 8Sony Playstation1997I
CapcomMega Man IIINintendo Game Boy1992I5

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