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Way of the Exploding Fist (1985)            

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Melbourne House
Gregg Barnett, Michael Simpson, Cameron Duffy

2 (simultaneous)
UK (£8.95)

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Acorn BBC
Acorn Electron
Amstrad CPC
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
A Golden Joystick Award

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Issue 0 (Oct 1985) (Amtix)   15th Jun 2016 02:53
Melbourne House's karate sim-ulation explodes on to the Amstrad. As a young grass-hopper you must work your way up from being a complete novice to achieving the magical 10th Dan. To help you gain this award against your opponent, there are some 18 manoeuvres at your disposal.
the various kicks that are accessable (keys or joystick) are our movements to success.
e flying kick, best used when your opponent is standing and not blocking, is an extremely powerful manoeuvre that ren-I ders the opposition helpless.
The high kick also deals a blow 1 to the race but is risky to use as it can be countered by going into a crouch and using either a low punch or a forward sweep. Both the mid and short kicks are effective in close combat — the mid kick is the least effective because it is easily countered by crouching or by a straight for-ward block. The forward and backward sweeps are probably the most effective moves in the game. To use them you must first crouch down, press fire and putl down on one of the joy-stick's diagonals. A forward or backward sweep can be count- ered with a short jab kick (but I only while the character is crouching) or by somersaulting , out of danger.
The roundhouse kick has two purposes: one, to kick an enemy | in the face (but it often takes too I long to perform to be effective);
two, it can be used to turn your character around, just start the kick and then abort it half way through execution. The high back kick, is the reverse of the high kick and is only effective if your opponent has slipped past you.
As well as kicks there are 3
Sunches that may be used, the ib punch being most effective and the easiest to use because of the speed with which it can be performed, and it is particularly useful in tight spots. The high punch is also easily executed and highly effective when your opponent is close in. When in the crouch position a low punch can be dealt to the enemy, again this is an effective move but it can be easily countered by a jab kick
There are two somersaults, forwards and backwards, and a jump that can be used to get out of harm's way. The main use for somersaults and jumps is to get out of danger caused by forward or backward sweeps.
A two-player option is avail-able, where each plays against the other simultaneously. In this mode there are four rounds with the highest scorer winning. If you play against the computer, then the game continues until you are either kicked out or you reach the 10th Dan. Unlike the C8M64 version, there is only one background, but this is hardly a serious drawback.
"Learning how to use each of the moves property can take quite a few games but once mastered you are unlikely to
forget them in a hurry. The graphics in Way of the Exploding Fist are excellent. The sprites are wonderfully defined and the movement of both characters is very realistic. This version isn't quite as good as the CBM 64 game, largely because the sound isn't anything like as thri-lling, but it is still worthy and should provide many hours of enjoyment. The greatest advan-tage that it has over many other games is that it's instantly play-able and should appeal to just about everyone."
"One of the first things I noticed in Way of the Exploding Fist is how flexible the characters are, no prancing stick figures here. Having contrived to make so many different movements pos-sible from the joystick, the result is both realistic and confusing at first. It's well worth playing a few rounds just to get the knack of making your man jab, leap and kick at the right moments. This is a great arcade scoring game as well as wonderful family enter-tainment."
"Karate seems to be all the vogue at the moment on the small screen, perhaps because we've had to wait for program-ming skills to catch up with the requirement for realistic anim-ation and fast graphics. In Way of the Exploding fist, Melbourne House have scored a great hit with a version of 'Karate Champ'. The controls are sens-ibly thought out and make it immediately playable, although skill is required to become a master, I've been playing it since I got the copy—/ may soon even be a master'
Presentation 87% Graphics 91%
Payability 89%
Sound 63%
Addictive qualities
Value for money Overall
89% 83% 88%

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GuideSteve Taylor of Frampton West and Ben Stoneof AMTIX! Towers give the lowdown on how to thrash your opponent in Melbourne House s classic martial arts program. Just follow this guide and you will soon be at the 10th Dan To make progress you must first of alt become familiar with all the moves and how to execute them — this is best done in the two player mode. It shouldn't take long before you are competent at this. The roundhouse and flying kick are fancy moves but not very practical. On the Novice and 1st Dan levels you may get away with performing them but later the computer opp-onent becomes too clever to fall for them. By far the best move to perform is the forward or backward sweep but if it is mistimed, the computer will get you with a jab kick. A good tactic is to move towards your opponent and then do a forward somer-sault over his head and quickly perform a backward sweep. Should he be just out of range then do a half roundhouse and run after him then kick him in the back. It may not be cricket but it is effective. From the 1st Dan walk forward so that you are near enough to perform a high kick then do it and the com-puter player will block the kick. While he is doing this do a middle or jab kick and you will knock him over. This works up to the 5th dan. On the higher levels it is best to play safe and just get in front on points then avoid the computer player until the time runs out. This may not gain points but it does move you up levels.
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