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The DeminerAtari ST1995
Accolade IncThe Duel: Test Drive 2Atari ST1991
Methodic SolutionsThe EnforcerAtari ST1987
TrojanThe EnforcerAtari ST1992
Enigma VariationsThe Famous Five - Five On A Treasure IslandAtari ST1991
The Final DayAtari ST1990
EpyxThe Games Winter EditionAtari ST1988
The GodfatherAtari ST1992
RainbirdThe Golden PathAtari ST19??
MicrodealThe GrailAtari ST1988
Grandslam Entertainment LtdThe Hunt for Red OctoberAtari ST1987
PsygnosisThe Killing Game ShowAtari ST1990
The Lady in GreenAtari ST1992
The Last ArcadianAtari ST1992
The Last Days of DoomAtari ST1994
System 3The Last Ninja 2 - Back with a VengeanceAtari ST1990
System 3The Last Ninja 3Atari ST19??
The Last Shoot em UpAtari ST1988
Mastertronic Added DimensionThe Last TrooperAtari ST1989
Rainbow ArtsThe Legend of FaerghailAtari ST19??
The LiftAtari ST1989
InfogramesThe Light CorridorAtari ST1990
The Lost Kingdom of ZkullAtari ST1986
LoricielsThe MagicianAtari ST19??
The ManagerAtari ST1992
The Mark of CainAtari ST1994
The MazeAtari ST1993
The MillAtari ST19??
The Obscure NaturalistAtari ST1992
Magic BytesThe Persian Gulf InfernoAtari ST1990
DemonwareThe PowerAtari ST1990
The Power and the GloryAtari ST1996
The EdgeThe PunisherAtari ST1990
Activision IncThe Real GhostbustersAtari ST1989
Firebird Software LtdThe SentryAtari ST19??
Gremlin GraphicsThe Shoe PeopleAtari ST1991
Ocean Software LtdThe Simpsons Bart vs. the Space MutantsAtari ST1991
The Sun and Times CrosswordsAtari ST19??
The Sword and the RoseAtari ST1990
Ubi SoftThe TellerAtari ST1989
EpyxThe Temple of Apshai TrilogyAtari ST19??
Accolade IncThe Third CourierAtari ST1989
The Three MuskateersAtari ST19??
Microprose Software LtdThe Tower of BabelAtari ST1989
InfogramesThe ToyottesAtari ST1990
Mindscape International IncThe Ultimate RideAtari ST1990
The WizAtari ST1992
The World at WarAtari ST1995
Mirrorsoft LtdTheme Park MysteryAtari ST1990
Alternative Software LtdThomas the Tank EngineAtari ST1993

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