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Underwurlde (1984)      

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Ultimate Play the Game
Tim Stamper, Chris Stamper, Raffaele Cecco
Kempston, Interface 2, Cursor
Audio cassette
UK (£9.95)
Sabre Wulf
Knight Lore
Offical game poster, Instructions
Re-released by Erbe Software in Spain

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Your Reviews (Unknown)   8th Mar 2011 08:09
Despite being released alongside Knight Lore at Christmas 1984, Underwurlde was certainly in no way inferior to its 3D-touting partner. It marked the return of Sabreman in a vast and attractive game that represented a superb development on Atic Atac and Sabrewulf. It is set in a maze of caverns, rooms and passageways and your task is to escape. The nasties that materialise around you don't actually cause any direct harm, but they hinder your movement and force you into costly errors. It was slightly overshadowed by Knight Lore at the time, but it is actually a more involving title.

Issue 11 (February 1985) (Your Spectrum)   27th Mar 2017 08:07
Chris Bourne (Sinclair User)   14th Dec 2008 09:21
(Anonymous) (Crash!)   14th Dec 2008 08:08

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There are no cheats on file for this title.The game is the second in the Sabreman series, following on from his adventures in Sabre Wulf.The ZX Spectrum version was number 18 in the Your Sinclair Top 100 Speccy Games in 1992, was voted number 97 in the Your Sinclair Readers' Top 100 Games of All Time in 1993 and was voted the 17th best game of all time by the readers of Retro Gamer Magazine.


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