Tornado Low Level (TLL) (1984)            

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Vortex Software
Costa Panayi
Interface 2
Audio cassette
UK (£5.95)
Advertisement, Game map
Also appeared on Vortex compilation, "The Best of 3D"
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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 17 (Crashback) (Crash!)   9th Nov 2012 10:03
TLL was one of the first games where you operated a plane but it wasn't a simulation. The idea behind the game was to fly low over the landscape and destroy the enemy targets, the lower you flew the more likely you were to destroy. At the beginning of the game you are given a quick glimpse of the whole of the playing area and the locations of the targets. The whole game is presented in 3D and you saw the action from slightly above your craft. Once you have destroyed the first six targets another six appear but in places that are harder to get to. At any time during the game you can land and refuel but you must have sufficient space on the runway to be able to stop the plane.

General rating: addictive and difficult, generally recommended.

Use of computer 83%
Graphics 79%
Playability 85%
Getting started 70%
Addictive qualities 84%
Value for money 84%
Overall 81%

I was never really keen on TLL because I always thought there wasn't much to it. Today TLL seems just as boring. The graphics are good but the sound is poor. Playability-wise TLL is good but there isn't enough to the game to make me want to come back after a few goes. Undoubtedly some people like it (that has been proved with its success in the Hotline charts) but to me the graphics are the best things in the game.

I really enjoyed TLL and it still looks good today. It's not a very hard game to play and it only takes a few days to complete (once you've got used to the keys). It hasn't got the lasting appeal that most of today's games have so TLL becomes unplayable and a little monotonous after a few goes. The 3D effect was good but 3D games recently have had a far superior effect.

(Rob) As far as its ratings are concerned the one that would suffer the most would be its Addictive qualities which would go down by about 20 to 25%

(Ben) I wouldn't really quarrel with any of the ratings, except addictiveness and playability, these would go down by 5 and 4% respectively

Issue 8 (October 1984) (Your Spectrum)   7th Dec 2014 08:29
Wiki (Unknown)   7th Dec 2014 08:25
Issue 30 (Sinclair User)   3rd Jan 2010 11:09
RetroBrothers (Unknown)   21st Sep 2010 04:11

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