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Tempest (1985)      

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Superior Software

Audio cassette

Acorn BBC

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Issue 3.06 (1st Aug 1985) (The Micro User)   25th Mar 2017 02:16
Tempest (Superior) (BBC Model B)

Tempest Keeps Faith

Reviewed By Simon Rubins In The Micro User 3.06

I have always enjoyed playing real arcade games because of their high standard of graphics and sound compared to the often inferior computer versions.

However, all that seems to have changed with Superior Software's version of Tempest.

This official version of the Atari arcade game is a faithful replica. As the yellow Claw, you must destroy your enemies with your blaster before they reach the edge of the stargate. There are nine different shapes of stargate and you move round the outside rim.

The colour of the stargates changes as you progress through the 255 different levels and you will encounter new enemies in later levels.

When things get really hot you can destroy everything on the screen with the aid of your Super Zapper. which gives a rather good effect when used. However, it can only be used once in each frame.

One problem when using the joystick is that there is no button for the Super Zapper, so you have to reach for the keyboard every time you want to use it.

One of the main features of Tempest is the speed of its graphics and smoothness of movement. The sound is also excellent.

Although the disc version is a little expensive. Tempest is certainly a cut above the average. It is fast, highly addictive and well recommended.

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