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Spy vs Spy (1985)            

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Commodore 64

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(Anonymous) (C64 Review)   19th Apr 2012 07:58
The two opposing spys from the "MAD" magazine, "Black" and "White" meet in this game for the first time on the C64. Both have the mission to steal secret documents from a foreign embassy and then reach the waiting airplane on time. The player can compete against the computer or a human opponent, which of course makes the whole thing more interesting. Every spy can move independently from the other through the horizontally parted screen (split screen) and make his action.

In one of the rooms of the embassy in one of the fitments a briefcase with secret documents is hidden, which poses the main aim of the spys. But as there is only one exit in the building and this is guarded by a security agent, the briefcase must be filled with the following four items to satisfy him: passport, money, key and secret plans. The found items are schon at the right in the box and flahs when they are inside the briefcase.

As also in the comic, the two spys have the possibility to set traps for each other. There are bombs or steel springs that can be hidden, spring guns can be built, acid canisters cen be put on the top edge of the door or a time bomb can be laid down. But for almost every trap there is also a remedy: umbrella against the acid, pliers against steel spring etc. Only the time bomb mercilessly explodes after 15 seconds. Certainly every spy can also walk into his own trap, that's why you should keep im minf where your own traps are. Such a trap doesn't cost a life by time units.

When both spys enter the same room this can degenerate to a wild stick fight. If the spys have carried items, they will be lost in this room and the winner can search for them in the end. You can also take away the filled briefcase from your opponent and then break away as quickly as possible, which surely will delight the opponent sitting next to you...

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