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Spy Hunter (1983)            

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Details (Commodore 64) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
Minimum Memory Required:
Maximum Players:
Media Code:
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Country of Release:
Bally Midway
Shoot 'em Up
Sean Pearce
Yes (optional)
Audio cassette, ROM cartridge, or 5.25" flopp
UK (£9.95 cassette, £12.95 disk)

This title also appeared in U.S. Gold's compilation 'Arcade Hall of Fame' and 'The Gold Collection'.
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Commodore 64
Nintendo GameCube

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A Zzap! Sizzler

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Issue 1, May 1985 (Zzap! 64)   17th Mar 2013 01:58
O Superb arcade feel as you smash cars off the road
O Smoke screens, oil slicks, missiles, vicious enemies

Budding James Bonds can now live out their fantasies in this exciting new American release. The bits with women are out, I’m afraid. But the thrill of being chased across land and water by evil baddies in their sleek, deadly craft, while blasting and bumping anyone and anything that gets between you and a high score, is most definitely in.

All this action takes place on a vertically-scrolling plan view of the landscape. A weapons van pulls up on the side of the road, allowing your spy car to roll out onto the road, armed at first only with machine guns . . . and you’re off!

A counter reading 999 ticks away at the bottom of the screen, and during this time you have an unlimited supply of cars. Once the timer runs out though, you only have one extra life. Others have to be earned. Extra cars are awarded, every 10,000 or 20,000 points, depending on which level you select before play (novice or expert).

Points can be earned by either shooting, or bumping, enemy agents off the road or just by staying alive. Some enemies can only be bounced off the road to earn points, others both shot and bumped (See panel). As well as enemy vehicles, there are a few of your own side that shouldn’t be shot or bashed -- it temporarily halts your amassing of points and besides, it’s bad form.

As you race along the continually changing terrain, you will meet forks in the road, cross bridges, and hit a stretch of icy road, making your car harder to control. All this must be dealt with whilst the enemy tries its best to dispose of you.

Fortunately, you have luck (well, more like other agents) on you side, in the form of other, more sophisticated weapons. Along the way you pass weapons vans on the side of the road, marked on top with a symbol representing the type of weapon they carry. Once you’re past, they give chase, dropping ramps for your spy car to drive up.

If you can make it inside, the van you will pull over, stopping to equip you with an extra weapon. This is where the second joystick comes in, as it is used to fire your additional hardware (see dossier).

At some point in the course, you will come to a waterway, preceded by a ‘bridge out’ warning. If you are foolish enough to ignore this, you will find yourself in deep water -- literally.

However on entering the boathouse at the water’s edge, your car is instantly transformed into a high powered amphibious vehicle. Your problems don’t ease up though, as the river also contains enemy boats. It’s possible to return to the road by way of another boat house.

Control of the car is via joystick or keyboard, the former being the preferable as the keys are awkward and misplaced, unless you have three hands.

The sound effects are good and very appropriate, as is the music played during the game. Graphically the game is by no means outstanding, but the graphics are an effective reproduction of those in the arcade version.



From: Mission control
To: Prospective spy hunter

As one of our top agents, you will need to be familiar with all forms of enemy agent encountered during your mission and the weapons at your disposal. The following is for your eyes only. Once the information has been digested, digest the information. This piece of paper must be torn up and eaten.


The Road Lord. Makes a more frequent appearance later in the game. Doesn't represent any real threat. Is bulletproof, and therefore can only be rammed off the road to score. Value . . . 150 points

Switch Blade. Highly dangerous adversary. Has extendable buzz-saw hubcaps to slash cars - especially yours. Beware of being sandwiched by two or more 'Blades'. Value . . . 150 points

The Enforcer. Makes very brief appearances - but when he does, it proves nasty. Fires a shotgun and misses rarely. Value . . . 500 points

The Copter (Mad Bomber). Drops bombs onto spy car. Extremely aggressive and can ONLY be killed with the missiles supplied by the weapons van. Value . . . 700 points

THE ENEMY: On Water.

Barrel Dumper. Drops barrels in water ahead of spy boat. Shoot or ram to kill, and watch out for the barrels. Value . . . 150 points

Doctor Torpedo. This vicious character delights in firing torpedoes at you. Attempt to avoid the oncoming torpedoes, and the doctor himself. Get behind him, and give 'im a taste of his own medicine. Value . . . 500 points


Machine gun. You are armed with this from the start - but it is effective only against cars or boats ahead of you.

Oil stick. Makes an enemy behind you skid off the road.

Smoke screen. Blinds an enemy to the rear, forcing it off the road.

Missiles. Essential for destroying the helicopters.

DO NOT shoot or ram motorbikes, small blue cars or the weapons van as these are on your side!

Good luck on your mission.

What a fantastic conversion this is -- it has all the action of its arcade daddy and even the tremendous music. The car crashing, tyre blasting, boat bumping excitement has the same feel as the real thing and equal addictiveness. The different sections of track and terrain add to the game as do the variety of diabolical weapons you can pick up. The only slight disappointment is that you lose the music sometimes when you die and this detracts from the atmosphere.

61% No high score feature or 2-player option.

67% New features plus elements of other games.

66% Simple scenery, small cars, but smooth movement.

91% Grabs you immediately -- great playability.

73% Great atmospheric tune, simple effects.

87% Helicopters, ice, and lethal foes on higher levels.

87% Another truly addictive title from the US.

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