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Miami Vice (1986)            

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Details (Commodore 64) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Ocean Software Ltd
Shoot 'em Up
Canvas, Pete Graylish, Simon Butler
Martin Galway
Yes, required
Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)
This title also appeared on Ocean's compilation 'Hollywood'.
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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Your Reviews

Mr Nick Wright (Unknown)   23rd Mar 2013 10:25

Miami Vice is a cop show from the mid-80s and was a good one. It is about coke dealing, theft, killing, rape etc.. it was pretty much Law and Order for the 80s. This game trys to cash in on the franchise and luckily the check doesn't bounce.

Control = 1
The game's control is just plain terrible, if you tap left or right for a fraction you will find Crockett's Ferrari Daytona in a ball of teal colored flame just from tapping a pixel of grass. You can reach a pretty high speed in your death rocket, if you go above what appears to be 40mph the turning move gets replaced with a passing strafe move.

Sound = 10
Now this is where the game shines, the Miami Vice theme plays throughout the game and really gives you the feeling that your James ''Sonny'' Crockett in his black Daytona (Which in this game is a 20 pixel rectangle). When your inside a building in the on foot part them MV theme is replaced with some hauntingly good synthisizer music.

Graphics = 7
I guess they are on par for games of that era but some things just dont look right, like the transparency on the character's faces and how normal cars drive through each other (While if you tap one at 2mph you will explode in the teal colored ball of flame I mentioned earlier).

Gameplay = 3
You play as Detective James ''Sonny'' Crockett and his partner Ricardo Tubbs, the game takes place in Crockett's season 1-3 black Ferrari Daytona (Which in the show is blown up by a bazooka) and on foot inside buildings. As mentioned before if you pretty much touch anything with your car you blow up and in the on foot part each character only has 1 clip of ammo for the entire game (Grey pixels come at a hefty price I guess).

Story = 7?
I have never been able to drive around the block once without exploding let alone make it to a club to get some info from a gang member/coke dealer. It sounds good though so my estimation would be a 7.

Rent or buy?
People who dont like this genre or never watch the show (You should if you like GTA Vice City) shouldnt bother with this but people who do and/or are fanatic about the series should definetly pick it up. If your lucky enough to find it on eBay or at a pawn shop the ideal purchase price is maybe $10.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 09/30/03

Issue 18, September 1986 (Zzap! 64)   19th Mar 2013 09:15

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