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2013-12-20Pooyan for the VIC-20

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Amsoft3d Stunt RiderAmstrad CPC1985I4
CRL Group PLCAlien Rain & OutriderSinclair ZX811983I2
Firebird Software LtdBeam RiderCommodore 64IV
Activision IncBeamriderAtari 52001983I3V
Activision IncBeamriderCommodore 641984I2
Activision IncBeamriderSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I2V
Bug RidersSony Playstation
(Unknown)Car RiderCommodore 6419xxI1
Alligata Software LtdCrazee RiderAcorn ElectronI
Superior SoftwareCrazee RiderAcorn BBCI3V
Audiogenic Software LtdDespatch RiderAcorn BBCI
Audiogenic Software LtdDespatch RiderAcorn ElectronI4
Dragon RiderAcorn BBCI
EpyxDragonriders of PernCommodore 641983I1
MicropowerDune RiderAcorn BBCI
InfogramesEagles RiderCommodore Amiga1990I4
MicroidsEagles RiderAmstrad CPCI
Quicksilva LtdGlass Rider / GlassAmstrad CPCI
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderCommodore 641986I4
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I2
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderAmstrad CPC1986I2
SEGAGP RiderSega Game Gear1994I4
EncoreGrooverider: Slot Car ThunderNintendo GameCube2003I
EncoreGrooverider: Slot Car ThunderXbox 2003I
Journey from Darkness: Strider ReturnsSega Game Gear1992I
Kamen RiderSony Playstation
Kamen Rider AgitoSony Playstation
Kamen Rider Kuuga (Japan only)Sony Playstation
Kamen Rider: The Bike RaceSony Playstation
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderCommodore 641986I5
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderAmstrad CPC1986I4
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I1V
Acclaim EntertainmentKnight RiderNintendo NES1989I4V
(Unknown)Lonely RiderCommodore 6419xxI1
NintendoMach RiderNintendo NES1985I5
OutriderAtari ST1996
Software 2000Pipe RiderCommodore Amiga1990I4
Virgin GamesRiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderAmstrad CPC1987I1
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderCommodore 641987I1
CreationSkyriderAtari ST19??
SEGASonic RidersNintendo GameCube2006I
SEGASonic RidersXbox 2006I
Hi-Tec Software LtdSpace RiderAmstrad CPCI1
Space RiderSony Playstation
Hi-Tec Software LtdSpace Rider Jet Pack Co.Sinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
(Unknown)Star Rider 2Commodore 6419xxI
CapcomStriderNintendo NES1989I
U.S. Gold LtdStriderAmstrad CPCI1

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Nightrider Software

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