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2013-12-20Pooyan for the VIC-20

   Titles: 63

Amsoft3d Stunt RiderAmstrad CPC1985I4-A1
CRL Group PLCAlien Rain & OutriderSinclair ZX811983I2-A-
Firebird Software LtdBeam RiderCommodore 64IVA-
Activision IncBeamriderCommodore 641984I2-A-
Activision IncBeamriderSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I2VA1
Activision IncBeamriderAtari 52001983I3VA-
Bug RidersSony Playstation----
(Unknown)Car RiderCommodore 6419xxI1---
Superior SoftwareCrazee RiderAcorn BBCI3VA1
Alligata Software LtdCrazee RiderAcorn ElectronI-A-
Audiogenic Software LtdDespatch RiderAcorn ElectronI4---
Audiogenic Software LtdDespatch RiderAcorn BBCI---
Dragon RiderAcorn BBCI---
EpyxDragonriders of PernCommodore 641983I1-A-
MicropowerDune RiderAcorn BBCI---
MicroidsEagles RiderAmstrad CPCI---
InfogramesEagles RiderCommodore Amiga1990I4---
Quicksilva LtdGlass Rider / GlassAmstrad CPCI--1
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I2-A2
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderCommodore 641986I4-A1
Quicksilva LtdGlider RiderAmstrad CPC1986I2-A1
SEGAGP RiderSega Game Gear1994I4-A-
EncoreGrooverider: Slot Car ThunderNintendo GameCube2003I-A-
EncoreGrooverider: Slot Car ThunderXbox 2003I-A-
Journey from Darkness: Strider ReturnsSega Game Gear1992I---
Kamen RiderSony Playstation----
Kamen Rider AgitoSony Playstation----
Kamen Rider Kuuga (Japan only)Sony Playstation----
Kamen Rider: The Bike RaceSony Playstation----
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderAmstrad CPC1986I4-A-
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1986I1VA-
Acclaim EntertainmentKnight RiderNintendo NES1989I4V--
Ocean Software LtdKnight RiderCommodore 641986I5-A2
(Unknown)Lonely RiderCommodore 6419xxI1---
NintendoMach RiderNintendo NES1985I5--1
OutriderAtari ST1996--A-
Software 2000Pipe RiderCommodore Amiga1990I4---
Virgin GamesRiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I1-A1
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderAmstrad CPC1987I1---
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderCommodore 641987I1-A-
Faster Than Light (FTL)Shockway RiderSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I-A-
CreationSkyriderAtari ST19??--A-
SEGASonic RidersXbox 2006I-A-
SEGASonic RidersNintendo GameCube2006I-A-
Space RiderSony Playstation----
Hi-Tec Software LtdSpace RiderAmstrad CPCI1---
Hi-Tec Software LtdSpace Rider Jet Pack Co.Sinclair ZX Spectrum1990I-A-
(Unknown)Star Rider 2Commodore 6419xxI---
U.S. Gold LtdStriderCommodore Amiga1989I4--1
U.S. Gold LtdStriderCommodore 641990I1---

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