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Finders Keepers (1985)            

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Details (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade Adventure
David Jones, Ray Owen
Kempston, Interface 2, Cursor, Redefinable Keys
Audio cassette
UK (£1.99)
Knight Tyme
Game Instructions
Also found on compilations Magic Knight Trilogy (Mastertronic, 1988) and Sinclair Game Compilation (Sinclair Research, 1988)
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Amstrad CPC
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Your Reviews

(Anonymous) (Your Spectrum 15)   27th Dec 2008 04:23
Mastertronic / £1.99

Dave: Judging by the standards of the early cheapo games you would've been forgiven for thinking someone had misheard 'budget' for 'bodge-it'.
This game certainly changes all that. There's nothing particularly new about it - we've seen platform games before (just a few! Ed) but there are a number of unusual differences.
For a start, not all the playing area is divided into rooms - there are some rather nice scrolling mazes tucked away in there.
Then there's an extra element to the game that really makes it. Some of the objects that you'll find combine to make a third, and you can then start bartering for other bits with the Castle traders.
The whole point of all this hunting and haggling is that you have been sent by the king to find a birthday present for his daughter.
The 'finders keepers' of the title just means that once you've nabbed the treasure, you can stash it away for yourself. It's a shame we're not informed of the king's reaction to this bit of private enterprise.
Fortunately, the plot ain't that important so you're not likely to lose your head. So, if you find it, keep it! 5/5

Roger: I'd rather have kept the king's daughter than her birthday prezzies but hopping about to cop the loot was worth it anyway. 4/5

Ross: A colourful, well presented game. Searching for treasure gives that bit extra to life above the competition - and at this price, it deserves to be a ... 4/5

(Anonymous) (Crash!)   13th Dec 2008 11:27

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There are no cheats on file for this title.On the ZX Spectrum it sold more than 117,000 copies and across all 8-bit formats more than 330,000 copies, making it Mastertronic's second best-selling original game after BMX Racers.Finders Keepers was followed-up by three more Magic Knight games. These are Spellbound (published 1985), Knight Tyme (published 1986) and Stormbringer (published 1987).Finders Keepers was originally released in January 1985, having been completed in October 1984.Mastertronic held off releasing it until the new year to give it the best chance of having a good chart position when the chart positions for the year were calculated.


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