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Garrison (1987)      

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Rainbow Arts
Shoot 'em Up



3.5" Floppy disk
Garrison 2: The Legend Continues

Commodore Amiga
Commodore 64

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Nov 2010 10:30
Title Garrison
Publisher Rainbow Arts
Game Type Shoot-em-up
Players 1 or more
Compatibility Not AGA
HD Installable No
Submission Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Garrison was produced by Rainbow Arts, a highly skilled European Amiga
demo group, as a Gauntlet clone. Incase you're not familiar with Gauntlet,
it's a multi-directional-scrolling, top-down view, dungeon based
shoot-em-up, (phew). You and some friends dash aroound various dungeon
levels, collect potions, treasure and food, killing ghosts goblins and
anything else that looks at you oddly. The various baddies are generated
by some object or other, a collection of bones in the case of the ghosts,
and if you destroy these generators, you atleast know that after wiping
iut the remaining enemy no more will be produced. Some enemies fire
projectiles at you, some just drain health by making physical contact.
Death, a character in black, pursues you doggedly, and when he touches
you, your health decreases at an alarming rate. It's all very .....okay,
and for it's time was a pretty a good programming job with some nice
touches that typically eluded US Gold's official version. The rock guitar
music in the intro is slightly reminscent of Dire Straits' "Money for
Nothing" and there's the odd "copper" trick that doubtless made us feel
superior to owners of the Atari ST. The player's sprites are pretty slow
at covering ground though, and generally it feels much less frantic than
it did back in 1987. Not bad, but not really one for me.

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