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Pyjamarama (1984)      

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Mikro-Gen Ltd
Mike Meek

Audio cassette
UK (£7.95)
Everyone's a Wally
Everyone's a Wally
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WalkthroughThanks to Barry Jordan of Banbury any Wallies out there who are still stuck in Pyjamarama it is now possible to complete game without too much bother. To get the key to wind the alarm clock and wake up Wally, you must go to the moon. The screen after the moon has a magnetic lock which you must break by getting the magnet. 1} Get the bucket and fill it with water from the tap in the bathroom. 2) Get the plant pot and the bucket filled with water to the room that has the venus fly traps and the B.P. can. The fly traps are now immobilized and you can collect the B.P. can, leaving the bucket of water. 3) Next, to fill the BP can collect the triangle key from the third floor, from the lift room. It should be near the rocket.Together with key and can go out of the first floor from the lift room and go out of the first door you come to walking right.The B.P. can is now filled with petrol from the fuel pump. 4) On the moon there are aliens; the only way to get past them is to have a laser gun full. Now this is hard! a) exchange the pound for the penny. b)the penny gets you into the toilet, c) get the hammer from the toilet, go to the lift room and exchange the hammer for the fire extinguisher, d) leave lift room via door 3. Go out of the next room via door furthest right, climb the tea chests and go out of the window. Now walk right and you will appear in a room with a still fire. The fire extinguisher lets you past the fire. Walk right past the fire and after you have fallen down, you must immediately walk left and collect the square key. Walking left, go out of this room or a huge ball will kill you. With the square key you can now get into the snooker room - get the laser gun and exit, e) now go into the lift room and make sure you have the triangle key and laser gun. Go out of the lift room via exit 1. Now walk out of the first door you come to when walking right. You should now be in the room with the fuel pump.Walk out of the door on the right and immediately jump onto the third tea chest and onto the table.Get the
Walkthrough (cont'd)battery, and the laser gun should now be full, f) leave the battery where you found it and go through the down exit, g) now, with the full laser gun and the full petrol can, go into the lift room and exit via No 3 door. You then get into the rocket and arrive at the moon. The aliens allow you to pass because you have a full laser gun and you can now get the key to wind up Wally s alarm clock but first you must have the magnet so follow these tips. 1) To get the scissors get the ignition keys then slide down the bannister to get the crash helmet. When you have got the crash helmet get the library ticket and exchange this for the library book. The combination of the crash helmet and the library book will allow you to get the scissors B 2) Well, Wally, with that done you now have to put the HELP button ON, which makes a tea chest appear in the room with the box key B 3) O.K., Wally, you now have to go to the room with the box key and balloon in it (making sure you've still go the scis-sors) and touch the balloon (sometimes you have to go back round and put the HELP back ON). The balloon will take Wally up, so all you have to do now is jump along and get the box key B 4) Go to the kitchen and you can now swap the box key for the magnet.B 5) Right now that you have done all that the rest is simple (?) Go to the moon, where you have previously left a full laser gun, walk into the next room and jump at the magnetic lock and the bars guarding the clock key will disappear. Collect the clock key and make your way back to the clock avoid-ing the various little nasties. Touch the clock and you've completed the game (though you may not receive 100%
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