Dizzy 4: Magicland Dizzy (1989)      

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Details (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Codemasters Ltd
R. Fred Williams, Chris Graham, Neal Vincent
David Whittaker
Audio cassette
Europe (£2.99)
Dizzy 3: Fantasy World Dizzy
Dizzy 5: Spellbound Dizzy
Game map, Instructions
Re-released by EDOS in UK
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Atari ST
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore Amiga

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(Anonymous) (Crash!)   14th Dec 2008 08:46
CodeMasters £9.99*

* For the moment Dizzy 4 is only appearing as part of a five game Dizzy compilation. The other titles in the pack are Dizzy, Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy and Fast Food. The ultimate cartoon Chrissie pressie?!

Our old friend Dizzy is back with a vengeance — this time he’s going to show evil wizard Zaks exactly what he’s made of (what? Egg white and yolk? —Ed). Zaks has cast one of his deadly spells, and it’s Dizzy who has to put things right.

Each of Dizzy’s pals has had a different spell cast over them: Dylan has been tangled up in a bush, Dora turned into a frog, Dozy has been sent to sleep (nothing new there), Denzil frozen solid, Daisy super enlarged and Grand Dizzy is trapped on the other side of Zak’s magic mirror. Dizzy’s task is to break the six spells and destroy the wizard forever.

The fun and frolics take place in a strange fairy tale world inhabited by some very peculiar characters. There’s Prince Charming with his dashing looks and golden crown, good witch Glenda stirring her magic cauldron and the Queen Of Hearts, ‘Off with her head!’. All this in the great Dizzy graphic style.

This game is truly enchanting! Every Dizzy game has been loads of fun to play and Magicland carries on the tradition. The puzzles will have you flummoxed from the word go, but that’s half the fun of playing a Dizzy adventure. If you slick at it you’ll eventually solve one, which will lead you on to the next. Visually Magicland is similar to the other four games: colourful animated sprites are everywhere and the scenery is packed full at detail. Dizzy himself leaps and bounds around every screen in his usual comical way, making the game ooze with addictivity. The tunes and sound effects are also really good, and I’m sure one in-game tune is a remix of Kylie’s ‘I should be so lucky’!

This, the fourth Dizzy game, has got to be one of the best so far. An essential purchase for every Spectrum owner. It’s magic!

Overall 92%

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