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NBA Jam (1993)      

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USA, Europe, Japan
NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Sega Game Gear

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   27th Mar 2012 09:24

"Limited by the Game Gear but pretty good in its own right"

I always loved NBA Jam. When I first got the game on the Super Nintendo it came with a book that showed screen shots of the Game Gear version. I always thought it would be sweet to have a portable version of such a great game. When the day finally came that I bought it, I fired it up and began playing. Sadly, I was a little disappointed. It was limited in some aspects because of the Game Gear's hardware. Acclaim still did an awesome job given the limitations of the Game Gear however.

Game Play
Well, it's NBA Jam. If you don't know what NBA Jam is, you probably weren't a video gamer in the mid 90's. Basically it is 2 on 2 basketball with all the NBA teams of 1994. Each team has the two big name players that played for the team in that year. Each player in the game has stats that are pretty similar to those of the actual player. The stats are Speed, Dunks, 3 Pointers and Defence. You play four three minute quarters and at the half you can see your stats as well as the stats of your computer controlled ally and the other team. The game follows the basic rules of a basketball game except there are no fouls; you can knock down anyone you want without repercussion. The only rules the game follows are shot clock violations and goal tending. The big attraction to the game are the monster dunks you can do. Everything from a simple reverse slam to a triple somersault 20 feet above the rim. It isn't just a normal basketball game, something about it sets it above any other basketball game of it's era.

Score 10

Given the fact that this is the Game Gear, Acclaim only had three buttons to work with excluding the directional pad. Since this is the case, there is no way to pause the game. The Start button acts as the Turbo, Button One is Shoot and Button 2 is Pass when left as the default controls. It's a good thing that you can change the controls because the default controls don't work that well when you wish to dunk. To dunk you must hold turbo and press the shoot button but holding start and pressing button one without accidentally pressing button two is hard to do. It's best to use button two as your turbo, start as shoot and one as pass because you will need to hold the turbo button almost constantly. The controls are very responsive but in default mode, they are not the best.

Score 8

Again, this is the Game Gear and it has it's limitations. NBA Jam was known well in the arcades for it's crazy messages of "BOOMSHAKALAKA" amongst other things. Unfortunately on the game gear you do not get any of the announcer voices. All you get is a rather toned down version of the music. It's really sad that they could not do more. I assume that the sound suffered because of all the other fun goodies they had to cram into the cart.

Score 4

Nothing spectacular here. The limitations of the Game Gear are obvious with the smaller screen the players are hard to differentiate. Telling the teams apart is easy, but figuring out which player you are on your team is tough. Luckily they have arrows that always point to your player. It is almost impossible to tell who has the ball though. Everything is small to keep the same ratio that they have on the arcade or on the console systems. That really hinders the game but a dedicated person can overcome this slight set back.

Score 6

Special Features
NBA Jam is probably best known for it's hidden characters and all around fun. This is no exception. The "Tonight's Matchup Codes" are still there as well as the hidden characters you can play as such as Al Gore, Warren Moon, Sal Divita, and Bill Clinton to name a few. It's a little different from say the Super Nintendo version in terms of accessing the characters because of the limitations of the Game Gear's 3 buttons but it's still easy to access if you know what you are doing. The initials are all the same throughout all the NBA Jam games and have something to do with the player you are attempting to get. Always the best part of NBA Jam.

Score 10

All in all, NBA Jam on Game Gear is a worthy game. It only looks lack luster when compared to its arcade and console counterparts. When looked at on it's own, it is very nice and worthy of playing.

1. It's NBA Jam
2. Very fun game
3. All the NBA Teams and players stats
4. Password system so you can take a break after each game

1. Small Screen means small players and ball
2. Jumping goes very slowly
3. Sounds just are not there. Best to listen to something else.

Final Score 7.6 rounded up = 8

Reviewer's Score: 8/10, Originally Posted: 03/23/05

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