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Brutal Sports Football AGA (1993)      

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Sport / Football



3.5" Floppy disk

Commodore Amiga

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Aug 1994 (CU Amiga)   3rd Dec 2011 08:39
Not only has Millennium unleashed the rather excellent Wild Cup Soccer this month, but it has also decided to let the A1200 owners of the world in on the smashing Brutal Sports Football - the game that takes the national pastime of the US, and throws in more than a little violence. Basically, there are no rules in this game. Just get the ball into your opponent’s goal, and if that means you have to punch, kick, slam or rip your opponents to pieces to get there, well that is just part of the game.
At the start of the game you can choose whether to play as part of a league, in a World-Cup style championship or just a sequence of ‘unfriendlies’ – more or less the same sort of thing you would expect to find in any sports simulation.
Select your team, set the venue and you are into the game itself, and this is where the character that has made the game sell so well comes into play. It is a great-looking game, and the sight of futuristic Vikings swinging axes, knives at each other around a modern sports arena is quite an addictive one.

Brutal Soccer is a surprisingly violent game, hence the name, and the amount of blood and carnage left dotted around the pitch by half-time is enough to have even the strongest constitutions twitching. Like Wild Cup Soccer, this is not the smoothest or fastest game in the world to play, but then you do not really mind after a while because the game itself is so good. After a couple of goes you get so worked up about decapitating your opponent and smashing them against walls that the technical side of the game stops being a problem.

I do not think this will ever be a classic, but it is still a lot of fun, and the addition of 256 colour graphics just makes it that little better.
Tony Dillon

(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Nov 2010 09:02

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