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Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (1993)      

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Compile, Dave Albert, Tokifuru Morita, Brian Ransom, Max Taylor
David Javelosa
(built-in D-pad)

USA, Europe

Sega Game Gear

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(Anonymous) (Game Gear review)   27th Mar 2012 06:37

"Play the best puzzle game ever on-the-move!!"

It's hard to fault this amazing puzzler!!

I'll be honest, the story is pretty bad. The evil Dr. Robotnik has made a new machine, that turns the happy beans of beanville into robots. With them, he will rid Mobius of music and fun forever! And it's up to you to battle his intelligent robots and break the beans free.

This is perfect in every way. The Scenario mode is where you have to battle all of Robotnik's robots until you face him! You control the beans that fall from the top of the screen in pairs. The beans both have individual colours, and you rotate them by pressing a button. You must match 4 of the same colour beans to make them disappear. If you get chain reactions, you send varied amounts of 'refugee' beans to your opponent. They, or indeed you, destroy these by making other beans disappear on top or around them.
There is a Gear to Gear mode, for intense head to head play. An exercise mode lets your practice your skills. The puzzle mode is fiendishly tricky to do, the puzzles require your best thinking cap. I am still stuck on the 13th one!

Simple, but effective. Detailed arenas and pictures, bright beans, etc. The action moves at an incredible rate with the later stages being near to impossible (they're not, because I've done them :))! There is nothing else to really comment on.

The music is simple, effective, and very good. Some deserve a techno remix. They are a pleasure to listen to, and you will often find yourself tapping you feet, or strumming your fingers on the back of the Game Gear.
The sounds are just as good, they are not annoying or boring. All are original.

Lastability/Challenge/Fun Factor:10/10
This game will last casual gamers ages. A long puzzle mode, and a hard and fast paced Scenario mode.
I haven't played a two player game, so I'll judge from how it is on the Genesis.
The sheer simplicity of the game allows for a fun and exciting competitive bash. Games can last for ages, and they can get so intense you'll be sweating like a pig.
The game is the most fun I've had on a Game Gear. It's the best portable puzzle game. In fact, it's THE best puzzle game!
Quality oozes from its pores, as you submerge yourself into the addictivness. This game has given me hours of pure fun.

An addictive puzzler that is fun to play anywhere, and one that kids will love. Buy it if you see it, you can't afford to miss this one!

Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 03/29/02, Updated 06/14/03

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