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Match Day (1986)      

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Ocean Software Ltd
Jon Ritman, Chris Clarke, Bernie Drummond, Chris Roberts

Audio cassette

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Acorn BBC
Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 3.12 (1st Feb 1986) (The Micro User)   24th Mar 2017 06:53
Match Day (Ocean) (BBC Model B)

Macho Match

Reviewed By Alan Cockman In The Micro User 3.12

The simple but attractive title screen of Match Day gives a foretaste of the superb 3D graphics to come in this new football game from Ocean Software.

The players are both chunky and colourful, with the man nearest the ball being controlled either by joystick or re-definable keys. The other players are controlled by the computer, moving with the flow of play.

The game is fast and furious, with the camera view scrolling to keep up with the play. The normal rules of football apply, with the exceptions that there are only eight players per side ' a fact which doesn't seem to be noticed when you are playing - and there is no half time or change of ends of players.

The clock above the centre line starts with 90 minutes showing, but this is not real time, each game lasting approximately 10 minutes.

Any infringement of the rules results in a blast on the whistle, then the appropriate throw in, goal kick or whatever is awarded. A goal is loudly applauded by the crowd.

Playing against the computer is fairly difficult, but this game really comes into its own when other members of the family are involved, and soon an inter-family competition develops.

There are one or two minor criticisms which in no way detract from enjoyment of the game. The program cannot be transferred to disc - the loading time is nearly five minutes- and the instruction screens leave a little to be desired

Rom Manager users will need to turn their ROM off before loading the game or the screen display will be badly affected.

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