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Match Day (1985)      

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Ocean Software Ltd
Sport / Football
Sentient Software, Ltd

Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)
Match Day 2

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Acorn BBC
Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 2 (Dec 1985) (Amtix)   16th Jun 2016 06:21
Ocean, £8.95 cass
As the title suggests, Match Day is yet another sports simulation, this one trying the capture the thrills and spills of football.

Once you get into the game there's a quick rendition of the 'Match of the Day' theme tune while all the players stand to attention and then it's into the kickoff. The game is viewed from a forced angle perspective through a window on a scrolling pitch about four screen's size. Control is automatically given to the player of your team nearest to the ball; you know who you're controlling since the player's football boots turn to gold, well yellow maybe. Other players not controlled by you wander about semi-intelligently, usually moving towards the ball. Control over your player is limited to left, right, up, down and kick, though by using various combinations or kick and the direction keys, you can perform a number of different shots. If you judge the angle and speed of the ball correctly it is possible to execute a header, though this is not an easy task. When control comes to the goalie, as the other team gets perilously close to the goalmouth, you can move the goalie left and right while the kick key puts him into a gracefull dive in the direction he is facing.
All the features of the real thing including corners, centres and goal kicks are awarded at the correct times. It seems both teams are impeccable gentleman since there's no penalty or offside. Also there's no referee scampering up and down the pitch though whistle noises are produced at appropriate moments.
If you wish to tailor your football playing environment, there are options accessable through impressive menu and option screens. There are three basic kinds of matches you can
Klay, one player, two player and tatchday Special. The one and two player options are fairly self explanatory, with the computer side taking up the challenge for the one player option. Matchday Special sets up a competition structure, where the teams battle it out to the finals. Matchday Special mode caters for both one and two players with the
computer taking up the slack filling
On the front end menu you are
and in the spare teams.
also allowed to alter a variety of variables from strip colour to length of match. An option for defining your own keys is also included, very handy if you've got a two player game being controlled from the keyboard.

Control keys: Definable.

About the best thing this game has to offer is the sound and even this isn't brilliant. The Graphics look nice at first but they are slow and gruesome looking. Also there is what I'd call colour clash every now and then when one player runs behind another. There are a number of things that make the 3D effect less convincing, for example before there is a corner or a goal kick, a player runs over the top of the goal to collect the ball. When the ball is in the air it is impossible to judge where it is above the pitch and how far up it is, so you can't tell when it s going to land. Controlling your player is not hard until you've lost possession Then you have to work out who it is. This takes time which can often be the governing factor as to whether you get possession or not. Not exactly my recomm-endation of the month!

Despite being very good in it's previous incarna tion. Match Day on the Amstrad just doesn't hit the mark. The front end facilities are still as flexible and competent as the Spectrum version but the game is just awful. The graphics are indistinct and poorly conceived while the routine that moves them about is abysmally slow. The men don't move behind or in front of each other but change into different colours, with hor-rible colour clash. Even when stationary, the sprites flicker.
The way the ball behaves, you wouldn't know that laws pert-aining to the movement of an object in a gravitational field had even been written down. Really, this game is overpriced and unimpressive. Well worth a miss.
3Match Day is not very inspiring. The insipid and
incompetent use of colour is dreadfully disappointing. It is something of a challenge to produce good games of this ilk but with all the best will in the world, this one falls down in so many places, it's really not worth the effort. As far as I could see, it doesn't have any saving graces at all, and is a sad reflection on the surprising excellence of the Spectrum original.
Good laugh for one or maybe two games but in essence, a tragedy.

Presentation 88%
Excellent choice of game setup.

Graphics 39%
Amateurish at best.

Sound 43%
Unfortunately forgettable.

Playability 32%
Noticeable by its absence.

Addictive qualities 34%
Unlikely to inspire any enthusiasm at all.

Value for money 32%
Would be a risky purchase even if it were budget priced.

Overall 37%
The real thing costs far less and will be emminentty more rewarding.

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