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Cybernoid 2: The Revenge (1989)      

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Hewson Consultants Ltd
Shoot 'em Up
Tony Cooper, Mark K. Jones
Fr�d�ric Hahn

3.5" Floppy disk
Game Map 1, Game Map 2
Also found on compilations 'The Cecco Collection' and 'Premier Collection III'.
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Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore Amiga

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Apr 1989 (CU Amiga)   4th Dec 2011 05:43
It was a fair while ago when Nick Kelly was raving about how complex the 64 version of this game was, and now I am pleased to say that Hewson must have paid attention because they have removed some of the difficulties from the Amiga version.
The plot is almost identical to its predecessor in that the pirates you so successfully vanquished (or not so as the case may be) have returned with a bigger, badder fleet, and once more plunder the Federations reserves. So again, the awesome Cybernoid has been called upon in order to bring justice and quite a bit of death to the pirates.

Your craft is armed with the standard lasers, bombs, mines, bounce bombs and shields. The Amiga version brings a couple of welcome additions to the armoury in the form of smart bombs, which destroy all minor ships and some of the bigger ones, and a thing called a tracker. Launch one of these babies and it will wiz round the borders of the screen taking out everything it touches, which is pretty useful.

The nasties are essentially the same as in Cybernoid, only they have been redesigned and look far prettier. There are well-mounted creatures, which are fresh out of the film "Aliens" and produce a good effect whenever they pummel you. The hardest nasties I found were the stalactites which drip water on you, and this is fatal to a Cybernoid so you would better watch out.

All the background scenery has been redesigned too. Now you have eyes which track your movements, tentacles, skulls with glowing eyes, and a lot more creepy crawly bits.
On the bright side of things, it is as difficult to play as the original Cybernoid, which means it is really good fun. The graphics are outstanding, and must take up a hell of a lot of space on a one disk game. The sound consists of a really mega tune, as well as a few effects, and matches the game beat for beat. And the famous over-the-top explosions are still there too. Hit something big and whammy! Green beans all over the screen...

As a sequel, Cybernoid II is outstanding. It is a well recommended purchase, and a game which has kept the office away from its work! Mark Patterson

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