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Knight Rider (1986)      

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Details (Commodore 64) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Ocean Software Ltd
Ocean Software, Ltd
Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)

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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
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numberonecubsfan 2 (Unknown)   23rd Mar 2013 10:17
"I didn't think it could get worse then the NES Knight Rider...."

I searched the net for a long time to find a working Commodore 64 emulator and the ROM of Knight Rider. When I finally found both, I was greatly disgusted with what I had. I was expecting something along the lines of the NES debacle, where we drive around shooting people from behind. Instead, I found a game when the targeting and shooting is done for us, the controls are horrible, and the fun of playing the game does not exist.

Sound: 1/10
I realize this is the Commodore 64 we're talking about, an ancient disk-based system with extremely limited capabilities. Even so, the sounds in this one will make you want to rip off your ears so you'll never hear anything so horrible again. Beeps. Endless, high-pitched beeps to work as every noise you hear in the game. This includes the engine, which means you are hearing a steady high-pitched beep. Mute your sound when you play this, seriously.

Music: 1/10
There was music in this game? I thought that was someone scratching a chalkboard while ripping up styrofoam. We get some beeps that vaguely sound like the Knight Rider theme, and then we get beeps that just add to the noise through out the levels. Another reason to mute your sound.

Graphics: 2/10
The graphics, like every other aspect of this game, suck. It seems like there are only 10 colors used in this one. When you blow up ships(or whatever those are that you're shooting at), it looks like the Blob is over-taking them. The road and grass look like someone puked everywhere. The inside of K.I.T.T. looks like it does in the show, so that's the only reason this part doesn't get a 1/10 score. I know this is the Commodore 64 we're talking about here, so the graphics won't exactly be spectacular. But the fact is, I've seen better graphics on games within this system.

Story: 1/10
Here is your options for missions: Shoot Soviet Ambassador, Shoot British Prime Minister, Shoot Vice President, Destroy Silicon Valley. By these title, one would think K.I.T.T. was evil and out to take over the world. In actuality, you must stop these events from happening. How? By shooting ufo looking things in the sky.

Controls: -5/10
The Commodore 64 has bad controls anyway. But it seems Ocean tried to make it much worse then it already was. When playing, you always end up off the road, because when you turn slightly, you get stuck in that direction. For some reason the controls are sticky. I've never seen this happen in a game before, on any system. Simply trying to play this game will anger you to no end.

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 0/10
Simply put, Knight Rider isn't the least bit fun. When you mix together the terrible controls, the blotchy graphics, and the pointless missions, you end up with a game you want to throw out the window. Shooting giant mutant camels was more fun then this. I doubt even David Hasslehof would like this.

Save yourself the frustration and avoid this one at all costs.

Reviewer's Score: 1/10 | Originally Posted: 06/03/03, Updated 06/30/03

Issue 18, September 1986 (Zzap! 64)   19th Mar 2013 09:12

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