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2019-03-07Knight Lore Ported to the Plus/4

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Ultimate Play the GameKnight LoreMSX1986I3V
Ultimate Play the GameKnight LoreAmstrad CPC1985I5V
Ultimate Play the GameKnight LoreAcorn BBC1985I5V
Ultimate Play the GameKnight LoreSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I5V

Knight Lore is a computer game developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1984. The game is the third in the Sabreman series, following on from his adventures in Sabre Wulf and Underwurlde. Unlike the earlier games in the series it used Ultimate's filmation engine to achieve a 3D look using isometric projection. In the game Sabreman has to find the ingredients for a magic potion. The game was written by Tim and Chris Stamper.

Knight Lore was regarded as a revolutionary title and was among the first of the "isometric adventure" genre, by displaying a detailed 3D world using isometric perspective. It was extensively copied by other publishers, and was described as being the second most cloned piece of software after WordStar.

Tim Stamper suggested in a 1988 interview that Knight Lore was actually completed before its less technically accomplished prequel Sabre Wulf. However, they delayed its release because "the market wasn't ready for it": ... we kept the Number One position for quite a while. It didn't make any difference to sales. They were still good products for the time. I think possibly Knight Lore was ahead of its time, and in looking back at the market now, there doesn't seem to have been any vast improvement in the two years since we left it. I don't know whether we could have made any more of an improvement."

Knight Lore received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the gaming press at the time of its release. Amstrad Action described it as a "stunningly original concept" and praised its addictive gameplay, calling it "without doubt one of the best three games available on the Amstrad". CRASH was equally enthusiastic, calling it "incredible, and a joy to play ... simply a great game" and describing the animation as "terrific from the smallest detail right through to Sabreman himself". Your Sinclair magazine called it "one of the most important (and best) games ever written for the Speccy".

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