Gridrunner (1982)      

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Jeff Minter
8K in bank 5



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Commodore VIC-20
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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Oct 2010 10:32
Ad Text
"$5 says you can't beat Gridrunner. Gridrunner is the toughest, fastest, arcade quality game ever to challenge a Commodore or Atari computer owner..." (HES ad, Compute's Gazette, Oct 1983 pg 19)
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"Is Gridrunner unbeatable? No one, not even the author, has ever achieved the last Gridrunner. It is an extremely fast-paced arcade quality game designed to test your coolness under fire and challenge your reflexes. As the pilot of Gridrunner, a combat ship, you must annihilate the various enemies traveling along the 'Grid.' High scores are possible only through the mastery of the patterns of the X/Y zappers and the Gridsearch Droids which, when destroyed, mutate into potentially lethal pods. Gridrunner has 32 levels of difficulty (20 levels in the Vic 20 version). To this date, the 13th level has been the highest achieved." (HES ad, July 1983 Compute's Gazette magazine, page 31.)
"...Gridrunner is about alien Droids in the year 2190 who are stealing electricity from Earth's orbiting power station, the 'Grid.' To stop them, a combat ship patrols the Grid. In the game, the Grid is a large lattice on the screen, and Earth's combat ship moves along the lower portion, firing on segmented Droids, dodging the X/Y zappers, and eliminating mutating yellow pods which some times lodge in the lattice." (Text from an article about Jeff Minter. See page 52, August 1983 Compute's Gazette magazine.)
A 1996 Sony Playstation game was released with the same name. What's up with that? Wonder if they knew and did it on purpose?

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