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Goblins 3 (1994)      

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Coktel Vision
Adventure / Graphical
R Lacoste, E Maguet, C Gangujlijn


3.5" Floppy disk
Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon

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Commodore Amiga

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Iss 56 Feb 1994 (Amiga Format)   5th Dec 2011 05:03
Puzzle adventures like Goblins should carry a written saying “Not suitable for those who suffer from impatience, or who are used to fast-moving platformers or shoot-em-ups”. Not surprisingly, Goblins 3 follows on from versions one and two and continues in a similar vein – you know, big kingdom, evil characters casting spells on the king or kidnapping the princess, you saving everyone from everything.
This time there are two kingdoms to contend with and their rulers are racing each other to be the first to conquer a labyrinth which, as legend has it, will given them eternal well-being for their people. However, things are not as simple as all that – the guardian of the labyrinth has just died, the key to the labyrinth’s entrance has disappeared, as has the guardian’s daughter and successor, Wynnona.
You start off as Blount, a journalist of the local newspaper, who has set his sights on scooping the story for whoever makes it through the labyrinth at first. And so the adventure begins.

To travel through the different worlds, you have to complete the challenge each one presents. Sometimes you have got to kill, sometimes blow up buildings, or other times simply chase different-coloured wispy things around. But whatever you have got to do you can be sure that it is not going to be simple. For example, to make a stick of dynamite you have to first find a tube, then the ingredients to make it explosive, then put them into the tube in the right order, then ignite it and finally make sure you click on your target quickly enough or you will end up with singed eyebrows. But that is all the fun of the game – fun that is, providing you have got the temperament to cope with it!

Finger-clickin’ good
There are some very cute touches with extra characters such as a parrot and a boa constrictor in some scenes, which you can select and move. Using them in combination with the main character’s moves is tricky, but with good timing you move on quickly through the challenge.

What is also enjoyable is that you do not stay as the same old boring Blount. When he is rescuing Wynonna, he fiercely fights a wolf who not only leaves him for dead, but also leaves him with a tendency to grow huge amounts of bodily hair, pointy ears and teeth and do a fair bit of howling when he comes into contact with the full moon’s rays.
And while Blount is lying around recovering, you – this time as Wynnona – continue working your way through scenes to find your way to the two rulers’ castles.

Goblins 3 is a big challenge and will keep you playing for weeks at a time. The scenes are full of variety and interesting puzzles. The gameplay is only let down when it is sometimes difficult to complete a combination of actions quickly enough – put some dust down someone’s collar and while he is sneezing, try to get a club from your inventory to hit him over the head with. It is not that it is impossible; it is just frustrating when you are frantically clicking away and nothing seems to happen. If you are a particular fan of puzzlers, then Goblins 3 will not disappoint.
Julie Tolley

(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Nov 2010 10:35

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