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Frogger (1983)      

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8K in bank 5



Commodore VIC-20

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Oct 2010 10:25
The original arcade game was put out in 1981 by Sega, who had licensed it from Gremlin. According to information seen in the "2600 Connection" newsletter, Frogger was based on a game from Atari called "Space Race". Frogger is definitely better known. The arcade cabinet artwork included tire tracks near the screen.

This game had 8k of available space to use, but may have been rushed out the doors. Whatever the reason, not all that space was used for game code. About 3k of the 8k is empty. Poor choice! Note that early ads from Parker Brothers show they were making and selling C64 and Vic20 games at the same time... I can only assume they put far less effort into the Vic20 market's game, figuring that you had to take whatever garbage they offered you.

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