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Frank Brunos Boxing (1985)      

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Elite Systems Ltd
Sport / Boxing

Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)
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Issue 0 (Oct 1985) (Amtix)   15th Jun 2016 02:54
Producer: Elite Retail price: £8.95
The object of Frank Bruno's Boxing is to defeat 8 boxers in succession in order to gain the world heavyweight title. To defeat a boxer you must learn their individual styles and then knock them down three times. This is done by reducing the opponent's status to zero (by repeated hits, when the punch power indicator reaches maxi-mum the right hook or upper cut can be used) but you must also dodge the other boxer's punch-es. Should your opponent knock you down three times then the game will fend.
When a boxer is defeated you will be given an EVBA code (Elite Video Boxing Association). This code enables you to access the next boxer, just enter the code and start the B-side of the tape but you must remember to always use the same name.
As Frank you have a variety of possible moves including: guard up or down, left or right punch and dodge, right hook, upper cut and duck. The type of punch delivered depends on whether your guard is up or down; if up then you will deliver a punch to the head, if down then Frank will do a body punch. The right hook or upper cut, as mentioned, can only be used when the KO indicator is flashing.
All eight opponents vary quite a bit in size, meaness and fight-ing styles. The first. Canadian Crusher, is big and lumbering but he's quite easy to defeat because of this. Fling Long Chop is small, fast and a master of the martial arts, beware of his kicks) Andra Puncheredov, from the USSR, is a fast dancing Russian who enjoys headbutting you. Tribal Trouble has a vicious temper and he lands punches with unnerving accuracy. Frenchie appears to be suave and sophisticated but is ready to make you see stars. Ravioli Mafiosi knows all the dirty tricks and is quite prepared to use them. Antipodean Andy is Australia's champ, he feels no pain. Peter Perfect is the current world champ and as his name suggests he is the most neat and accurate boxer in history.
Elite have transferred the arcade hit, 'Punch Out', brill-iantly to the home computer capturing the complex, anim-ated graphics and atmosphere. Each Doxer has his own person-ality which makes the game great fun to play. Frank Bruno's Boxing is instantly playable, very addictive and the variety of boxers makes for plenty of scope. Overall a polished game that most people should enjoy.
Overall AMTIX! rating: 87%

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CodesElite's recent hit is easy enough to get the hang of but if you're having trouble getting on to the next boxers then here are some codes to help. Each code must be used with the initials MRB IQ5IOGA5 — Fling Long Chop AK9IONEM7 -Andra Puncheredov C03INBML8 —Tribal Trouble BI7INLKM6 -Frenchie
Hints on winning and codesAndy Lowe of Stoke On Trent was the first person to officially complete Elite's boxing blockbuster.Here he supplies hints on defeating boxers and their codes just in case you need any help. CANADIAN CRUSHER The first boxer is very easy to beat just alternate between body and head punches and you should have him beaten in no time at all. FUNG LONG CHOP CODE MM7IOF49B name used AND He is the first boxer who uses a speciality move. Whenever a boxer attempts one always duck (Fling Long's speciality is a high kick). To defeat him just punch left then dodge left, punch right then dodge right and so on. With a bit of Eractice he is very easy to eat. ANDRA PUNCHEREDOV CODE B7XI00L05 name used AND Andra's special move is a head butt, this is probably the hardest move of all the available moves to dodge. The best method to use to beat him is to punch right then duck. Repeat this rocess until you have nocked him to the ground 3 times. £ TRIBAL TROUBLE CODE FK5IN0A07 name used AND As soon as Tribal crouches then duck or you wilt be flattened. The best way to defeat him is to alternate between right body and head punches. FRENCHIE CODE CE9IN9817 name used AND Watch out for Frenchie's spinning fist punches, when the fist stops spinning then duck fast. To get the punches in lure Frencnie into putting his guard down by a quick right body punch and then et as many blows in to his ead as possible. I RAVIOU MAF10SI CODE IHCIN96A8 name used AND Ravioli is probably the toughest boxer of the eight, it takes a lot of practice before you can defeat him. The best tactics to use are to punch alternatively to the head and then dodge. When Ravioli tries his speciality then dodge and try to get a right head punch in. ANTIPODEAN ANDY CODE ML6ION4B6 name used AND He is probably one of the easiest boxers to overcome. Just keep throwing in those right head punches (not for-getting to duck is speciality) and after a while you will win. PETER PERFECT CODE BFAINN2L5 name used AND Pete hasn't got a speciality but he is so good that he doesn't reall
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