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Formula 1 Simulator (1985)      

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Mastertronic Ltd
Racing / Car

Yes, optional
Audio cassette
UK (£1.99)

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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64

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Issue 17, August 1986 (Zzap! 64)   19th Mar 2013 05:12
Once more the screeching of cars and the smell of burning rubber bursts forth on the 64, this time courtesy of Mastertronic's Formula One Simulator.

There is a choice of eight different tracks: Zandvoort, Zalder, Manyza, Hockenheim, Paul Richard, Ostereichring, Silverstone and Kyalami. You can also partake in a grand slam of all eight tracks. Each track has its own record lap time, initially standing at 60 seconds. After choosing a track the scene switches to a show 3D 'first person view' of the chosen race track, complete with snow capped mountains in the background.

The screen is split between the actual race circuit and the control panel. This consists of a steering wheel which rotates according to your joystick movements, and an indication of your time, laps completed, and gear position.

You start each race with a certain amount of time, and are awarded more time on completing a lap. If the clock runs down before you complete a lap, then your game is terminated. Crashing isn't a problem, since no matter how many times you destroy your car it is always replaced, although this does cost time.

I must admit to not being a fan of racing games, although I have occasionally been known to indulge in Pitstop II. Unfortunately, Formula One is a somewhat old and tired game, the tracks bear little resemblance to those on which they are based, and the cars took like mutated spaceships. Although the game doesn't stand up to much, it's not that bad. Its saving grace is the excellent sound track. If you've never played a racing game and want to experiment, then Formula One may prove an interesting challenge.

Presentation 73%
Nice demo mode and eight tracks to choose from.

Graphics 42%
Simple scenery and cars.

Sound 82%
Very pleasant Rob Hubbard tune, but dull FX.

Hookability 60%
Straightforward gameplay with a clear objective.

Lastability 49%
It's too easy to finish the courses and consequently the game palls once you've done so.

Value For Money 59%
Cheap, but there is a better race game in the same range.

Overall 54%
An average racing game -- look at others before you buy.

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