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Exolon (1989)      

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Hewson Consultants Ltd
Shoot 'em Up
Linel, Guido Henkel, Gary P. Felix, Michael Tschögl, Martin J. Bysh
J. Dave Rogers,

3.5" Floppy disk
Exolon Map, Manual
Also found on Premier Collection and The Cecco Collection.
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Amstrad CPC
Atari ST
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commodore Amiga

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Nov 2010 10:12
Title Exolon
Game Type Shoot-em-up
Players 1
Publisher Hewson
Compatibility OCS
HD Installable Yes with WHDload patch
Submission Chris Vella cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

This game is a sideways scrolling shoot'em up where you control a man
in a spacesuit. You are armed with two kinds of weapons, a basic gun and a
missile. Pressing the firebutton will fire the gun, useful for flying
enemies, and holding down the firebutton will release a missile, necessary
for stationary enemies that can't be destroyed with the gun.

You move from left to right shooting various enemies and can even
transport to an upper platform level. The object of the game is to not see
how many enemies you can kill but to get past the enemies and to the exit
at the end of the level. The enemies keep coming at you and you can never
kill them all so you must keep moving toward the exit. Shooting is not the
only method to getting to the end of a level, you can duck and jump to
avoid dangerous situations and you will many times have to if you want to
avoid being killed.

The graphics are slightly below average and the music is decent. I
don't know how to select the option for the sound effects, the
instructions don't even tell you how to do it. I have played the C64
version of this game and selecting the sfx was not a problem. So if anyone
knows how to select the sfx instead of the music PLEASE let me know. The
gameplay is fun at first but can get repetitive after a while. This is
another game where it's not just a shoot everything in sight but more of a
avoid the enemies with precise timing, although there are always things
to shoot.

In conclusion, This game is very average and doesn't have long term
lastability. You will enjoy the game at first but once completed you
probably will not want to play again. The graphics could certainly be
better and so could the gameplay but while it's not a good game, it's not
terrible either. It's definetly one to try before you buy.

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