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Everyone's a Wally      

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Mikro-Gen Ltd
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Herbert's Dummy Run

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HelpSomewhere up my sleeve (probably near the top) I've got the complete solution to this game but I don't want to spoil your fun so here are just a couple of tips to keep you going until next month. To mend the fountain get the Monkey Nuts from the Bakers using Wilma. You can now enter tne Zoo, take the Monkey wrench from the Zoo and drop it somewhere convenient. Now find Dick the plumber and go find the Plunger. Get the Monkey wrench and take Dick to the fountain (making sure that he has got both the Wrench and the Plunger). Jump up on the fountain and jump at the statue on top, this should mend it. Once the fountain has been mended then get Wally, the empty bucket and the sand. Take Wally to the fountain and the bucket should fill up. Once this is done take Welly to the cement mixer and pick up the cement, find the Trowel. With the Trowel and cement go to the location with the bricks in it, walk passed them and the wall should be built
HelpFollowing on from last month's tips for this game here are a few more hints to help you get one of the letters. Next month I will reveal how to get a few more letters and get nearer to completing the game. All this information was thanks to David Yardlev of Lichfield. To get the letter E you have to mend the hook and stamp the parcel. To mend the hook you have to be Wally, get the super glue and the broken hook and take them to the workshed. Put the hook on top of the bench and walk under the vice with the super glue then, take the hook which should now say 'hook working'. Take the hook to the crane. Now change to Wilma and get the parcel and stamp, go to the st office and walk to the ar end of the post office, the parcel should now be stamped. You can now go and exchange the stamped parcel for the letter E. To mend the gas pipe you must be Dick and have the gas mask. Go to the cave and collect the leaking Gas pipe (beware of the shark thingy, who will sap your energy). When you are out of the cave go and find the chewing gum, put the the pipe on top of the bench in the work shed and go and find the patch. With the patch and the chewing gum walk under the bench with the leaking pipe on it, collect the pipe, it should now be pat-ched. With the pipe and the gas mask go back into the cave and replace the pipe. This gets rid of the sparkles in the cave and the flame from the motorway.
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This title was first added on 10th February 2008

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