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Elvira 2: Jaws of Cerberus (1992)      

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Accolade Inc
Adventure / Graphical



3.5" Floppy disk

Commodore Amiga

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Iss 13 May 1992 (Amiga Power)   4th Dec 2011 10:19
Great to watch (hem, Hem), but does it stack up as a game?
Publisher: Accolade
Price: £34.99
Authors: Written, designed & programmed by Mike Woodroffe & his many mates
Release: Out now

Thirty-five quid!" was my first reaction to Elvira, "Seven disks!" was my second. Both exclamations were made in a squeaky big girl’s voice. And speaking of big girls… that Elvira bird is not short of a handful, is she? Me, I think she should dish some out to those less fortunate than herself.
You know all about her, of course. Elvira is a superstar. She is big in the States and big over here... Hell, she is big everywhere. Phwooooaaaaar, eh? That is it. No more remarks about the size of Elvira’s chest (but you cannot deny it is not big).
The fact remains that all but the most hormonally imbalanced men would dearly love to get on Elvira’s prized assets, but – would you not know it? – some jammy sod already has! In the game, that is – it is a role playing jobbie, complete with "blood, gore, mayhem, death, blood, paranormal phenomena, battle with Goons from the Great Beyond, blood, plunder, carnage…" and just everything you could hope for, really.
What has happened is that Elvira has been kidnapped by a three-headed monster called Cerberus, who has jaws (hence the title, I guess) and it is your job to rescue her. She is being held in her Black Widow Productions studio, and it is outside here that your adventure begins (with a piece of whole inappropriate music resembling a Casio VL Tone demonstration in Dixons, incidently).
Here you get to choose a character to play – be it a Stuntman, Private Eye, Computer Programmer or Knife Thrower – each with his own attributes, while a digitised picture of Elvira appears to explain her plight. Seems like she has got something to get off her chest, herm hem. That is the gameplay basically – enter the studio, explore the sets, find some objects, fight some monsters, meet some people with whom you can converse to a (very) limited degree, talk to Elvira a bit and even – and this is the good bit – cast a fair few spells (provided you have found the necessary ingredients).

Most of the controls are accessed through the mouse, which you use both to move and to select appropriate action icons when the need arises. The problem is, the interface is nowhere near as much fun to handle as Elvira, and the view feels claustrophobic, even when out in the open. In fact, you are completely in the program’s hands, and it feels like it. That is the real problem with this game, as with so many graphic adventures – the story is ludicrously linear. You cannot move from (or turn to) the left or right in certain locations – even though logically you should be able to – simply because the necessary scene is not there.

So, a disappointment then. Should you choose to tackle Elvira you will find your hands full. The mountain to climb is high and the sluggish interface, lack of any atmosphere, shortage of interesting and varied puzzles or worthwhile substance makes your route to her chamber long and hard.
Which brings me to a sorry but inevitable conclusion: Elvira II is horrible. It will make you scream with frustration. The only frightening thing about it is that so many people wasted their time putting it together. Oh dear.

(Anonymous) (Unknown)   24th Nov 2010 10:07

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