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Chiller (1985)      

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Mastertronic Ltd
Platform / 2D
Ed Hickman

Audio cassette

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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 1 (Nov 1985) (Amtix)   15th Jun 2016 07:11
In a glut of new Amstrad budget software from Mastertronic they have decided to release Chiller, a convert from an old 64 version (that also went onto the Spectrum less successfully).
The plot has your girlfriend sweating it out in a haunted house in which she's mysteriously been imprisoned. Good and caring soul that you are you decide that you should rescue
her from a grisly fate but just as your driving to the scene of the crime your car conks out in the middle of a haunted forest, choc-a-bloc with spooks and werewolves
Your first job then is to make it on foot through the forest keeping well clear of the energy draining ghosts. You are able to run, jump and climb the bewit-ched trees via joystick or keys. Placed around the screens are blue and purple mushrooms, each having a different effect on the player. Should you be unfortunate enough to touch a blue mushroom, your energy is sorely depleted; however pur-ple mushrooms are a boon, giving a small burst to your energy supply. Around the forest screen are a number of col-lapsing platforms that can only be travelled over once. To get through a screen you have to collect a number of blue crosses to ward off unholy spirits. Once you possess all the holy crosses, you are transported onto the next screen.
There are ftve sheets in Chiller each a static picture filling most of the screen. There is also an energy bar depicting you current state, if the bar reaches zero then it's game over as only one life is allotted.
Once into the second screen you'll find yourself trapped in a cinema, a crumbly old one at that, since you have to avoid plaster falling from the roof. On the third screen it's down to the ghetto, hopping from tenament to tenament, avoiding various flying creatures. The fourth is a graveyard and the final is the haunted house. This screen takes the same format as the others but once you have freed your girl, all is not over. You have to get back through all five screens to the relative safety of your car.
Returning is not as easy as it may seem, because the attack of the meanies becomes a lot more determined. Also you need to guide both the girl and the boy, switching control as you go. The boy still has to collect the blue crosses but now the girl has to collect a set of pink ones.
Control keys:
Spc to alternate between boy and girl.


This is yet another platform game, and one which doesn't really stand out from the masses of others. Chiller is a five screen jumping/ collecting game where the ultimate aim is to reach your imprisoned girlfriend and res-cue her It's all pretty bland stuff and the type of game we've all seen too many times before. The game might be hard but when you work out that each screen costs 40p it just doesn't seem good value for money.
Chiller was one the first pieces of decent budget I software to appear and at the time it was very good - at least on the 64 it was. Nowa-days, though, it's not so hot, the basic design hasn't changed a lot since its first appearance. Looking at it now all I see is a mundane platform game badly executed. The graphics are of a
low quality and move in a jerky fashion. I'm afraid the game doesn't even warrant the £1.99 price tag with no only other companies' budget efforts far outclassing this half hearted attempt, but even Mastertronic's own! Nice music though.

Yes it's finally here the game that nobody wanted on any other computer. / would have thought that Mastertronic had learnt their lesson, but here it is anyway. Having said that, this is a very different game to the one that CRASH reviewed a few months ago for the Spectrum. The sound is completely different and in fact for about five minutes I even liked it, but it was very repetitive and in the end I turned the sound off. The graphics are very blocky and they do get a little muddled up with other things on the screen. Controlling your man is fairly easy once you've distinguished him from the rest of the mess walking around the screens. There are some disconcerting effects that don't help play ability - like falling from the bottom of the cinema up to the top on the second screen.

Presentation 51%
Standard packaging, but poor control and genera! game appearance drags it down

Graphics 41%
Very muddy, flickery and blocky.

Sound 50%
Great tune, shame about the FX.

Playability 40%
Poor joystick control spoils a game that's immediately playable...

Addictive qualities 38%
... until you reach the 2nd screen. After that, lasting appeal fails

Value for money 43%
Fails to cut it, even at the low price.

Overall 33%
Not one of Mastertronic's better efforts.

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