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Dynamite Dan (1985)      

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Mirrorsoft Ltd
Platform / 2D

Mode 0 (16 colours)
Audio cassette (£8.95)
Dynamite Dan 2
Game Map, Advertisement
Redistributed by Silverbird, a brand name of British Telecom
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Commodore 64
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 2 (Dec 1985) (Amtix)   16th Jun 2016 06:28
Mirrorsoft, £7.95 cass
Yet another conversion from our old friend the Spectrum comes to Amtix Towers in the form of Dynamite Dan. The inevitable despicable baddie has locked away the love of Dan's life in a large safe. Ever heroic, Dan decides upon a plan of collecting some dynamite and blowing the safe wide open. The safe is placed in a large mansion along with neccessary dynamite. The only obstacles barring the way to a tender reunion are the inhabitants of the mansion. Not exactly after your blood, they mindlessly patrol along their routes but to touch them is fatal.
Hyperactive Dan does need his provisions to keep him going or his energy bar depletes rapidly, losing him yet more lives. Around the mansion, there are various little snacks that should hit the right spot (ie the energy bar).
The presentation is very similar to the now legendary Jet Set Willy using the much copied flick screen technique. Dan arrives on the scene in style, hopping out of a basket underslung beneath an airship. Movement is of the normal left, right and jump variety though other methods of travel should soon make themselves obvious. Along the bottom of the man-sion runs a subterranean river along which travels a small raft. If Dan gets down to depths of the mansion it's possible for him to jump down onto the raft and stay on it, as long as he keeps walking. To get down to zero level it's best to use the lift, making stops at all floors.
On the difficult screen, temporary invulnerability would come in handy, attainable if you manage to find a weapon. In some rooms there are trampolines that extend your jumping range — by continually bouncing it's possible to jump right out of and through the next screen. A bit of nastiness on the programmer's side is the random placing of the dynamite with each game, and wherever it is placed, it's in the most difficult spots to reach. Initially, you are given ten lives and though this seems excessive, it's certain that you're going to need at least twice as many.
Control keys: Definable.


What an excellent platform game, I didn't think this one would survive the conversion on to the Amstrad as the blocky graphics might spoil it but I must say that it is
just as compelling and playable if not more so) as the Spectrum version. The graphics are well animated and nicely drawn and the whole concept of the wrap-around mansion is fascinating. There is often a lot of action on screen so the graphics are never dreary or boring. The sound is fabulous, although after a long while I'm sure it will drive me barmy. Dynamite Dan has sufficient new twists to the classic exploration, jumping platformer to make it compelling and fun to play and I would strongly recommend it to everyone. This is the one platform game that you must get.

Platform games are a bit old hat now but Dynamite Dan has a few new features that make it a really interesting game. The idea behind the game makes it very easy to play and initially it is a very exciting game — the challenge of completing it can keep you addicted for a long time. Unfortunately the graphics aren't brilliant but they are not terrible either. Sound is reasonable but I'm sure the the Amstrad is capable of much greater things in this department. Don't let tne poor quality of graphics put you off buying it because it is a very enjoyable game.

When we played this game, it was greeted with mixed feelings. There was a certain amount of discontent because apparently. Mirrorsoft had done a straight conversion which meant that the graphics were more colourful than on the original but lacking in detail. After much arguing and beating about other people's heads, the general conclusion was that the game was still a lot of fun anyway. I must admit, I agree with this verdict. After overcoming my original reservations. I found the game to be fairly addictive and enjoyable. Platform games have some life left in them yet, it seems.

Presentation 83%
Plenty of options, user definable keys and buitt in instructions make this a well presented game.

Graphics 69%
Fait to take advantages of the machine's capabilities but colourful, nonetheless.

Sound 71%
Competent but not exceptionally well executed.

Playability 82%
As with most platform games, very playable-

Addictive qualities 77%
Rather hackneyed but some will find it worthwhile.

Value for money 81 %
At least Mirrorsoft price their games well.

Overall 80%
Some good ideas and gameplay but marred by slightly primitive graphics.

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