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Dun Darach (1985)            

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Gargoyle Games
2D graphics
Greg Follis, Roy Carter

Audio cassette
Tir Na Nog
Manual, Game Map

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Amstrad CPC
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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ILdBuzjSUVokf (Amtix)   22nd Mar 2017 05:12
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Issue 0 (Oct 1985) (Amtix)   15th Jun 2016 02:55
Issue 0 (Oct 1985) (Amtix)   13th Feb 2016 10:23

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AdviceIf Dun Darach. the graphical adventure from Gargoyle Games, has been puzzling you over the past couple of months as it has me then you might just find these tips useful. To find Teth you must first go to the Old Quarter and buy or steal a statue. Now take this to the Soke or Hatha de and follow the rat that wanders the streets. In Claw Lane the rat will disa-ppear for a few seconds, stand on the spot from where it disa-ppeared and press Enter; you will now be in Darch Down. Inside Darch Down is Teth, Give Teth the statue and in return he will give you the d—key, this unlocks the locked door in the castle.
AdviceThese tips were compiled with the help of Michael Mitchell, Gary Macintosh both of Morayshire, Keith Walker of Birmingham, Kevin Penton of Horninglow, Craig Rogers of Hayes and . . , myself. They follow on from the first few snippets of information given away in issue 0 so if you don't have a copy of that it is possible to order one through the back numbers service. Buy a Mole skin from the skinner and give this to Bren in return for a map. Now earn enough money to buy the Platinum and give this to Bren for another map and the message 'Galacia is far'. Give this map to Ryde in ret-urn for the shield Belinus. Take this to the Hail Belinus room and drop on the table in there in return for a clue. To gain as much money as you wish go to the gambling nouses in lomain. Now drop all your money on table B and press 6 to return to the menu. Save the game then return back to where you were. Keep gambling and saving the game when you win and reloading a saved game when you lose. This way you can easily build up enough money to purchase anything you want. To speed up the interest rate, bank some of your money and then carry out some of the other tips while it is day (signified by the torches beino out) — press 6 and then 1. Tnis will take you to the menu and then back into the game. When you re-enter the game the torches will flicker on and you will collect interest for the whole day. Using this method it is possible to get your 1% interest twice a day.
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